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Developer sees high demand for high-end Lincoln Park homes

I stopped by the Ranch Triangle neighborhood in Lincoln Park on Wednesday to photograph 1703 N Dayton in preparation for a blog post. The home is currently listed for sale at $4.5 million. We’d previously written about the site three years ago when it was in foreclosure, along with other properties by developer Seth Harris.... Read more »

Before and after looks at a riverfront penthouse

Chicago Magazine’s Dennis Rodkin recently visited a two-story penthouse on the Chicago River. The home has dramatic views from its sprawling outdoor terraces. The home, which is currently on the market for $3.35 million, was acquired a little over a year ago by a retired Microsoft executive for $2.85 million. We toured the penthouse, which... Read more »

An 1860's farmhouse for sale in Lincoln Park

Dennis Rodkin recently visited a Victorian home on the 2000 block of Seminary, in Lincoln Park‘s DePaul neighborhood, and recounted some of its early and more recent history: Built in 1861 as the farmhouse for a truck farm that delivered its produce into Chicago, the house still has several of its original elements. The ornate... Read more »

Dueling video tours of a new Lake View home

On rare occasions Chicago Magazine’s Dennis Rodkin does a video tour of home that I’ve already shot video at. Rodkin’s tour of a newly-built home at 1529 W Wolfram was just posted online. It’s embedded above, and you can read more about the home at his Deal Estate column. The home had been listed for... Read more »

Rodkin visits a Marshall classic on East Lake Shore Drive

A while back Chicago Magazine’s Dennis Rodkin announced that he would be doing more of his videos solo, unaccompanied by an agent or owner, and he’s followed that plan in a recent visit to a Benjamin Marshall classic. The 27-unit co-op building at 999 Lake Shore Drive was designed by Marshall, and was the first... Read more »

What $200,000 buys you in Chicago

Windy City Live recently sat down for a video interview with Chicago Magazine real estate maven Dennis Rodkin to chat about the housing market and what $200K will buy in different parts of Chicagoland. Watch the video for some surprisingly good bargains in the city and in the suburbs.

Inside an 8,600 square-foot bowstring truss home in Lincoln Park

You’ve probably experienced the dramatic spaces enabled by bowstring truss construction in a restaurant, garage or other commercial space. The trusses create large, open, maximally flexible space uninterrupted by columns or load-bearing walls. I’ve seen only a very few single-family homes created within bowstring truss buildings (they rarely have zoning that permits it). The home... Read more »