Tour week – a drive through Chatham

While I'm away on vacation this week, I'm dipping into the archives to show you around parts of Chicago we haven't visited in a while.

In the first video of today's tour, above, you'll meet Worlee Glover, our host for an extended look at the South Side's Chatham neighborhood, and you'll get a look at a typical Chatham block.

Chatham has long been recognized as a jewel among Chicago's predominantly African-American neighborhoods. It's a bastion of well-maintained homes, manicured parkways and strong community groups.

Worlee Glover is a man who knows Chatham well and who operates the Concerned Citizens of Chatham page at Facebook. He kindly consented to drive me around Chatham and talk about Chatham's past, present and future.

The first part of our drive is below, and the balance of our extended tour is on this YouTube playlist.

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