Does it pay to be a Pritzker?

Over at Crain's Chicago Business Shia Kapos is passing along information about Pritzker family property tax bills. The information was "pulled together by a labor union battling the family's Hyatt Hotels Corp."

According to the public records, as Kapos summarizes them, property tax appeals by various members of the Pritzker family have resulted in tax reductions amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here's the pull quote accompanying the blog post:

"When billionaires game the system, the rest of us pay the price"
- Henry Tamarin, Unite Here Local 1

There's no information in Kapos' blog post about whether the properties were unfairly assessed and the appeals were justified.

The headline for Kapos' blog post is "An appealing reason to be a Pritzker."

An unappealing reason to be a Pritzker is that it exposes you to cheap shots from the media.


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  • You are probably right on this one. Some lawyer even got my condo association reduced, and while it seemed at a time like a great deal, the way that comparables have sold since them makes one wonder whether it should have been cut another half..

    As you imply, the real question is how much has the Board of Appeals slashed off the overall assessment level, and what that does to equalized rates next year.

    For that matter, I can't figure out why Patlak is running so soon after just having been elected.

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