Four rentals, including Oprah's, at East LSD co-op

There's been quite a bit of media buzz about Oprah Winfrey's co-op at 199 East Lake Shore Drive being offered for rent at $15,000 a month. Curbed and the Tribune, among other sources, have weighed in on the topic.

We typically shun celebrity stories, preferring to link them on our Chicago real estate news page, and focus more on the real estate angle. And there are several minor real estate curiosities here.

The first is that a stunning four of the thirteen units in this Benjamin Marshall building are currently listed for rent in the MLS, priced between $15K and $20K a month, and three of those units are also offered for sale, priced between $3.5M and $4.6M.

The second curiosity is that, despite four units being available for rent, all three sale listings describe the building as 100% owner-occupied.

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