Dog-friendly apartments hard to come by in the Gold Coast, Old Town, and the Near North Side

Walking the dogs on Wells Street (October 2003.)

If you're searching for a dog-friendly apartment, you might as well skip most of the buildings on the Near North Side, including those in the Gold Coast and Old Town.

According to our at-a-glance spreadsheets, the Near North Side has a lower percentage of buildings that allow dogs than any other neighborhood near downtown. Out of the 29 rental developments we've identified there, just five are fine with Fido: 1350 North Lake Shore, Chestnut Tower (121 West Chestnut), 40 - 50 East Chicago, 1 East Delaware, and 1000 North LaSalle.

On the other hand, cats and their companions are in luck -- most of the Near North Side's building's are feline-friendly. We could only identify three buildings in the area that did not allow pets of any kind.


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  • Sure wish more people had cats and fewer dogs in apartments. If yours likes to bark, realize that it probably barks all day while you're gone, and anyone in the building gets to live with that until you come home. Up with cats!

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