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The perks of high-rise living: views of downtown Chicago from near and far

Some of the best days on the job at YoChicago and NewHomeNotebook are the ones where we get to scale the heights of a new-construction condo tower and get a glimpse of downtown Chicago from on high, and we’ve brought back a number of great photos and have stitched together several wide-angle panoramas of these... Read more »

Nooks and crannies: How 1,300 square feet gives you so much more at Haberdasher Square Lofts

This one-bedroom loft at Haberdasher Square, 728 W Jackson Blvd, plays much larger than its 1,300 square feet because of the variety of spaces it houses. There’s a raised platform dining area, an office, a bistro table nook, and a space that functions much like a small family room. Add 12-foot ceiling heights and lots... Read more »

Discovering South Shore: a tour with neighborhood native Jeff Heilbrunn

Jeff Heilbrunn spent the first 20 years of his life in South Shore, the South Side community area bounded by 67th and 69th streets, Lake Michigan, South Chicago Avenue, and the Illinois Central Railroad tracks. Today, as a marketing advisor for the Builders Center of Chicago, Jeff helps develop new homes in the community and... Read more »

Downtown condo rental inventory shrinks 25 percent in five months...but why?

In late November we started tracking the number of condo rentals in select Chicago ZIP codes in hopes of seeing…something. Every Friday, we record the number of homes listed for rent in 60601, 60602, 60603, 60604, 60605, 60606, 60607, 60608, 60610, 60611, 60616, 60622, 60654, and 60661, the 14 ZIPs that roughly correspond to the... Read more »

The ups and downs of renting a condo

Renting a condo may sound like a great alternative to buying a home or renting in an apartment building, but if you’ve never done it, you might be in for a series of rude shocks: unexpected delays, hefty fees, gotcha pet policies — even a visit from the sheriff when your owner’s been foreclosed. Earlier... Read more »

Why Lo chose Albany Park: A first-time buyer walks his block

Loran McDonald was the first New Trier grad I met upon arriving at the University of Missouri more than a decade ago. During our four years at Mizzou, Lo and I worked together as DJs at the college radio station KCOU; we shared an apartment near campus for two of those years. After college, we... Read more »

Our Chicago video archive: 1,300 strong and growing

You’ll find that many of our posts at Homeward Bound are based around videos from our YouTube channel. We try to keep the camera rolling no matter where we go, whether it’s from the passenger seat of a car driving through the South Shore community or from the 71st floor of a high-rise in the... Read more »

A Lincoln Park BlockWalk: Joe Zekas tours the 2300 block of North Cleveland Avenue

For Chicagoans, the blocks we live on are our neighborhoods. What makes a block special? What makes it a place where “enchantment pours out of ev’y door“? It might be the architecture, the location, the trees, the people, the history, the corner bodega, or the “mystic chords of memory,” “coaxed and caressed by the smiles... Read more »

An introduction to Chicago's University Village

Lucid Realty founder and ChicagoNow blogger Gary Lucido has lived in a condo in University Village for half a dozen years, enough time to see the birth of an entire neighborhood of new homes and businesses. Earlier this week, we met Gary on West 14th Place, just off Halsted Street, for a walking tour through... Read more »

Building Chicago: A conversation with Habitat Company President / CEO Mark Segal

Any story about Chicago real estate is incomplete without a chapter on The Habitat Company, so it’s only fitting that we launch this blog about our city’s homes and communities with an interview with the company’s president and CEO, Mark Segal. Since 1971, Habitat has built more than 17,000 condos, townhomes, and apartments across Chicago, including... Read more »