Category: Poetry

Violetta Muzychenko, 1950-2019 (poem)

Sparrows fly to and from a tall tree behind my apartment Near where you’d often come through my back door bringing me bags of food and your love   The birds fly up onto the nearby roof of my building or dash this way and that into other trees to the east and to the... Read more »

Fall poem

Not another one about golden leaves, you hope, And the crispness in the air, and the quiet sun. No. This one’s about our thinning hair and our slowing walk and our happiness and disappointment when all is said and done. Like the pine cones that are dropping from the trees now All of us will... Read more »

This spring (poem)

The birds are singing to me this spring. Their songs sing to me of the color blue, Of Thursday evenings. When I see their beaks open, And listen, I think of a child And her dreams, And feel myself floating High above the battlefield Where my dreams taste like music And the blue sky is... Read more »

Chicago Autumn/Winter (poem)

Chicago slides away from the sun during the autumn and the winter months of the year   Chicagoans think about the work that they’ve done during the autumn and the winter months of the year   Chicagoans hold each other tighter during the autumn and the winter months of the year   Their childhoods look... Read more »

September Poem

You’re miles away but you are coming home   Today’s a grey day but you are coming home   You know my ways but still you’re coming home   I miss your ways but you are coming home   A quiet hooray because you are coming home   A quiet hooray because you are coming... Read more »

Notes (poem)

Sweet, high notes in a tree behind me as I jogged by on a Spring morning.   A quick note, then a longer one.   Later, in the shower, the sounds of a symphony sing to me from a laptop speaker.   Quick notes, followed by longer ones.   The world is filled with patterns... Read more »

Tour (poem)

The bodies of my mother and father have broken down by now, I am sure. They are becoming part of the Earth, part of the world. My mother, with her high forehead, and her wide smile. My father, with his close eyes, and his big heart.   They’re sailing around the sun with us, and... Read more »

New Joni Mitchell biography is exhaustive, excellent, and hits right bittersweet note

David Yaffe’s excellent new Joni Mitchell biography, “Reckless Daughter,” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), hits the right bittersweet note about the iconic singer-songwriter: she’s a flawed human being (like all of us), of amazing gifts. Mitchell, of course, is the tall blonde musician (and visual artist) from the western Canadian province of Alberta who came to... Read more »

Untitled (two poems)

Untitled   You roll up to me like a wave from the sky You’re full of promise and fruit Like a child smiling in his rain boots   Come with me and we’ll roll across the stones All water and love     Untitled   Sun sparks jiving electric   When we’re all gone there... Read more »

The bird (poem)

The bird flew off my apartment roof into a nearby leafy tree   Singing merrily through a furry chest that was quivering with glee   I heard her notes from the kitchen and walked outside to better hear her song:   So lively, so carefree, so  joyful, so strong   I’d like to be a... Read more »