The bird (poem)

The bird flew off my apartment roof into a nearby leafy tree   Singing merrily through a furry chest that was quivering with glee   I heard her notes from the kitchen and walked outside to better hear her song:   So lively, so carefree, so  joyful, so strong   I’d like to be a... Read more »

My very excellent magic (poem)

My very excellent magic jumps suns under the night   Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune   Too many lights in the cities at night to see our place in the sky   My very excellent magic   Mercury Venus Earth Mars   Jumps suns under the night   Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune... Read more »

"Fences," now available on-line, is a powerful film about family and responsibility

“Fences,” the 2016 film about an African-American family in 1950s Pittsburgh, is now available on-line. For those who have not yet seen the film, and who enjoy substantive drama, with excellent writing and top-notch acting, I heartily recommend this movie. Fire up the old laptop, desktop or smart TV, pour yourself a glass of wine,... Read more »

Visitors to Chicago's Millennium Park discuss Donald Trump

Back in August of 2016, in the heat of the unprecedented presidential election campaign, I went to Chicago’s downtown Millennium Park, 201 E. Randolph St., to ask people their views on the candidates. Of course, on Nov. 8, in one of the biggest political upsets in American history, Donald Trump was elected president, via the... Read more »

"La La Land" is a joy

“La La Land” is a feel-good movie with an idea. The idea is this: Creativity, and a creative approach to life, can help us get through life. The movie is such a rush to watch, though, that this theme never seems overbearing. It’s swept up in all the music, dance and visual energy that’s delighting... Read more »

I published a poem (poem)

I published a poem on the day of my birth. You published a poem on the day of your birth.   Our poems began with words like these:   I have fine hair and bright eyes that look back to the beginning of time.   Want to know about the humans?   You can read... Read more »

Favorite tea (poem)

We went to a party. After dinner, hot water for tea was brought to the table and placed before you and me. I asked the hostess if she had my favorite tea. You, beside me, whispered, “Don’t worry, “I brought your tea.” You hadn’t been sure if the hostess was going to have my favorite... Read more »

Dead Inside (short fiction)

She was wearing a black-leather mini skirt halfway up her thighs. And her thighs were to-die-for. “Officer, I’d seen this creep in here before,” the witness was telling him. She was seated at the bar stool next to him, not two feet away. “I saw him last Friday night. A young kid – 19, 20.... Read more »

"Sully" lands safely in American theatres, a solid piece of Hollywood filmmaking

On January 15, 2009, a U.S. Airways pilot named Chesley “Sully” Sullenburger lifted off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport with 155 passengers and crew members aboard his airplane, Flight 1549. Soon after takeoff, over the skies of Manhattan, the airliner was hit by a large group of birds, which caused both of its main engines... Read more »

"Hell or High Water," the new modern Western starring Jeff Bridges, is a helluva good movie

Some movies pull you in at first, but may leave you roaming the recesses of your mind halfway through. Not a film like “Hell or High Water,” the high-voltage, excellent new modern Western starring Jeff Bridges and directed by the 50-year old Englishman David Mackenzie. From the very first frame — you’re inside a fast-moving car,... Read more »