Top 7 Reasons Why Ice Hockey is the Best Summer Sport



Some people think summer is baseball season, but ice hockey is the best choice. Here are 7 reasons why!

7. Free air conditioning.
Chicago is pretty unfair in that the weather gets cold enough to kill people AND it gets hot enough to kill people. Skip the heat -- and the heatstroke – by extending your hockey season to being year ‘round.

6. No sun burns.
I once got a major sunburn from being outside without sunscreen on October 15th. I might burn in moonlight. Anyone who has seen me lately, this is my summer tan. (I can show you the flip flop tan lines to prove it.) The money I save on sunscreen can be spent on hockey tape.

5. No bugs!
A moth got in the locker room and I put it outside, but that was a rarity. Mosquitos, flies, gnats and anything else that wants to chomp on you can’t withstand the cooler climate inside the rink. The money you save on bug spray is better used on hockey tape.

4. No pollen.
If plant junk gives you the snuffles and makes your eyes water, then head to the rink. The money you save on allergy drugs can go to hockey tape!

3. No rain delays or weather cancellations.
If there is a major drought in the Midwest in the future, then I will get tickets to an MLB game right away because my entire past history has proven that causes a huge rain storm that lasts all day. I have not had time to test this causality, but my simply being in the same room as a baseball might also cause rain. I’ve been too busy with grad school to investigate this phenomenon.

2. No mud or grass stains.
Hockey pads can have their own internal problems but those are resolved with a good run through a washing machine with no need for hand-scrubbing nature’s dyes off them. The money you save on Shout or Fels Naptha soap can go to skate laces.

1. The kids teams are gone
The kids are off in summer camp, swimming, playing baseball and chasing a soccer ball. This frees up the rink for the adults. The surreal feeling of actually leaving the rink before midnight and having time to go out together never gets old.

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