GoShelf Dryrack: A New Way to Air Out Stinky Hockey Gear

GoShelf Dryrack: A New Way to Air Out Stinky Hockey Gear

Steven Tran did not start hockey until he was an adult. Although he is from Toronto, he did not begin playing until he was 24. That's younger than when I started, but pretty old by Canadian standards, considering that most kids in Canada are practically born with skates already on their feet. And like myself and so many others who play the coolest game, Steve had a hard time figuring out the best way to air out his stinky hockey gear in his tiny condo. So he decided to invent the ideal drying rack for hockey equipment: the GoShelf Dryrack.

Now, I don't normally plug products on The Hockey Noob -- I usually just review the ones that I have personally tried -- but this looks awesome. Oh, and it won't be out until the fall. The GoShelf Dryrack is a three-level, collapsible shelf that has enough space for all of your hockey gear. It has mesh shelves so that moisture does not collect on them, and has enough places to hang jerseys, socks and everything else.


Even better, it folds up. Fully expanded, the GoShelf is 35" tall by 18.6" wide and 18.6" deep. Folded up, it is only 35" by 6" by 6". It also weighs just 10 lbs. and comes with a travel bag.

Currently, Shellie and I both put our wet gear on clothes hangers over the bathtub, but that might not be an option if you have just a shower (like many small dwellings do). Of course, everything needs to be moved next time the tub is used. The GoShelf Dryrack could be a game-changer for households where two or more people play hockey, and are always looking  for places to air out their gear.

The GoShelf Dryrack is small enough to fit inconspicuously in a corner when folded up, and takes up just under  2 1/2 square feet of floor space when open.



Right now, Steven is raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the manufacturing costs of the GoShelf Dryrack. If you play hockey, would like to see this product made and would like to own a GoShelf Dryrack, you can pre-order one on the Kickstarter page or at GSDryrack.com.

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