Best weird bruise ever...

I have an odd photographic souvenir from my 3 on 3 league team this past summer. This big guy on the opposing team was really chippy and bent on knocking the stuffing out of every single one of my teammates. I took a wallop from him along the boards which resulted in the weirdest bruise in my life. The seams and individual stitches of my right elbow pad got stamped onto me.

bruise 2

bruise 1

The elbow pad absorbed the blow, just not entirely. The sheer weirdness of the stitch marks gave me something to show hockey friends for the following week. As for the big guy on the other team, you can expect opponents to get rough in D-level novice hockey. Some players who are fat and/or slow skaters will get as rough as they can get away with and use physical force as a replacement for playing ability.

I accept that hockey is a contact sport but there is a big difference from incidental contacts, pushing and shoving type stuff, versus the guy who clearly dishes out blows every second he gets a chance. And I thank him because I got to feel proud for not backing down from a guy who was damn near twice my size.

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