Review: Warrior Covert DT2 Hockey Gloves ★★★★½

Review: Warrior Covert DT2 Hockey Gloves ★★★★½

When I started playing hockey in June 2013, I had some oldschool hockey gloves from the 1990s that looked cool -- with lace-up ties at the wrist -- but were kind of clunky. Over time, I realized that they weren't very comfortable and that I couldn't feel my hockey stick very well. Eventually, that became more and more of a problem, so I decided to get some new gloves.

After trying on a dozen or so pairs, I decided to purchase a pair of Warrior Covert DT2 hockey gloves. I've had these for about 18 months now, and used them an average of three times a week. So I feel that is a thorough enough of a trial period to write an honest review.

Protection - ★★
The cuffs on the Warrior DT2 hockey gloves protect about 3" above the wrist. The top of the hand and cuff around the top of the wrist are pretty dense, but the gloves still feel lightweight. I've deflected pucks off the back of my hands and it didn't hurt. Could there be more protection? I'm not sure. I like to think that there should be more protection on the underside of the wrist (a.k.a. the "vein-y" part), but that might inhibit wrist movement.

Comfort -
After your skates and your helmet, your gloves should probably be the most comfortable piece of equipment you own, since you are constantly gripping your hockey stick. The Warrior Covert DT2 hockey gloves felt great the first time I slipped them on. I didn't need to break them in or anything. While the fingers are naturally curved inward, you can straighten them easily. The palms and inside of the fingers have lightweight padding, so you can feel your stick.

Durability - ★★
I've owned these gloves for 18 months now, and was usually on the ice an average of three times a week. So far, the gloves only show a minor amount of wear. Perhaps the biggest problem with hockey gloves is that the palms wear away due to constant contact with a hockey stick. These Warrior Covert DT2 hockey gloves have an extra layer of padding on the palms, right where your stick would make contact. After 18 months, the only wear on my gloves is on the extra layer of padding on palm of the right glove. This is my top hand, which is always in contact with my stick. The circular Warrior logos on the thumbs are also roughed up a bit, but that's purely aesthetics.

After 18 months of moderate use, only the right palm has a bit of wear. [Photo by Shellie Lewis]

After 18 months of moderate use, only the right palm has a bit of wear. [Photo by Shellie Lewis]

Price -
Hockey gloves will cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 and up. These were "middle of the road" at $100, but worth every penny. Maybe if I ever "graduate" to C-Level hockey, I'll reward myself with some pricey, $200 mitts, but as of now these are great for a novice player like me.

Etc. -
These gloves resist odors. They had that "new glove smell" for a long time, and even now don't smell like typical stinky hockey gear. I usually air them out after every use and hit them up with a spritz of X500 Odor Killer every now and then -- more so as a preventative measure than out of necessity. My hands don't reek after playing, and for that I am grateful. The gloves come in a variety of colors to match any team -- if black isn't your thing like it is for me.


Overall - ★★★★½
The Warrior Covert DT2 hockey gloves were comfortable the moment I slipped them on, took no time to get used to, gave me a comfortable grip on my stick and offered great protection. Considering that they've held up this well after a year and a half, I am very happy with my purchase.

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