Review: Mediclean X5000 Sports Gear Odor Killer ★★★★★

Review: Mediclean X5000 Sports Gear Odor Killer ★★★★★

X5000 is specifically made for sports equipment. The product label advertises it for use on hockey gloves, skates, helmets and protective pads. It can also be used on equipment bags, lockers and "anywhere you store your smelly gear." The ingredients are listed as: water, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, surfactant and benzalkonium chloride. The benzalkonium chloride is a disinfectant found in Bactine, hand sanitizers, wet wipe towelettes and surgical tool cleaning solutions. I have never had any fabric damage or skin irritation from using this product.

I do recommend using the product with care because it is in a compressed aerosol can. Using a lot of X5000 at one time will result in some fumes or lingering mist which made me cough. The instructions direct to the user to apply the product "liberally" in a well-ventilated area. I did the former but lack the latter. I do not have an overhead fan in my apartment's bathroom, and it has been below freezing for weeks so opening a window is not an attractive option. Part of the problem was the first time I used this product I was on a mission to bomb every smelly hockey thing around and used a heavy application. I recommend holding the X5000 can nozzle close to the equipment and using a rapid, light application when spraying it. If you have asthma or a similar respiratory concern, using this product might be a problem for you.

Effectiveness - ★★★★★
This product advertises itself as an odor destroyer and it works instantly! I used it on Sal's hockey bag, skates and all of his protective gear. The X5000 destroyed every stench and nasty body odor in every way, and I declared myself the winner in the bio-warfare battle. Even better, X5000 seems to stay in the pads for a while and continue to be effective, giving some residual benefits after being sprayed. The label indicates that the product needs to come into contact with the source of the bad odors to work. If you do not spray enough into the pads and your equipment still stinks, use a heavier amount. Foam and hard surfaces just need a light mist. Fluffy padding needs a heavier application.

Scent - ★★★★☆
It was kind of hard to decide what X5000 smells like. Sal thought it smelled like our local frozen yogurt shop when you first walk in. The best way I can describe X5000 is that is smells like artificially flavored strawberry candy. I imagine coming up with a "clean" smell everyone agrees on is a challenge. Tough guys are not going to go in for floral scents, I would be disgusted by anything smelling like aftershave and probably no one wants to smell like pine cleaner.

Cost - ★★★★
The cost is variable. The manufacturer's website has a 10 ounce can listed for $14.95. The price goes down if you buy more. If you buy in bulk the price is lowest at $10.79 per can if purchasing a case of 12. (These prices are before any shipping and applicable taxes.) The first time I used X5000 I hosed down everything Sal owns and used a very large 3.25 fluid ounces. Following that, I used much lighter applications of 1 - 2 fluid ounces. Expect to get at least five or more uses out of each can. At the higher $14.95 purchase price, it will cost from $1.50 to $3.00 a use to freshen up your gear.  I would want the lower price point of $10.79 a can but laying out the money to buy a whole case and ship it makes getting that price point harder. Maybe talk your team, hockey classmates and friends into ordering a case or cases to get the bulk purchase price break.

Overall - ★★★★★
As long as you avoid huffing the aerosol, the spray is amazingly effective. The can is easy to hold and the nozzle works well. The kind-of mysterious strawberry candy-like smell is a little odd compared to the usual scents used in clothes detergents; but the aroma is not very noticeable when dry, unless you have your face close to the sprayed items. Some pro shops may have this product for sale. The website to purchase this product from the manufacturer is:

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