Your First Hockey Class

Your First Hockey Class

Are you all signed up and ready for your first class?  I was and I was really excited, and a little nervous.  Here are my 5 tips for your first class:

1.  Do a "dry run" and try on all of your equipment at home.  See how long it takes to get everything on and get a feel for what order you need to put on things.  This will also help you understand how to best stack your gear into your equipment bag.  It helps to have the things you put on first on top of the bag while items you put on last are at the bottom. Why rummage around looking for items when they are stacked for you?

2.  Show up early to find out where you can change, if there is a locker room available or if you will be improvising in the toilets.  Wiggle into all of your equipment layers well before class starts. It's better to sit around in your gear waiting to go than waste a minute of class time.

3.  Just pay attention to what you are doing; what other people are doing is not important outside of passing drills and not colliding with one another.  I was pretty worried I would be the worst person in class; that I would totally suck.  Why would that matter anyway?  I needed to understand this is not a try out: no one is watching me and I don't need to be concerned about other people's skills.  We're all there to take a class and learn.

4.  The coach is going to show you things and have you do things.  Sometimes I do not put the visual demonstration together with my version of trying to execute the moves on my own right away.  Don't be afraid to ask your coach to do the drill or exercise over again so you can watch again and don't be afraid to ask to coach to look at what you are doing and tell you what needs to change.

5.  People are more likely to have prior experience with the uniforms for soccer, baseball, football and other off-ice sports. There is a good chance your coach is Canadian, so be sure to call it a hockey sweater.  Don't call it a jersey.  Just don't.

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