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Outsource Dating Tasks You Hate To Get A Date

I am obsessed with podcasts. Julie Solomon, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Hyatt. You name it, I probably listen to it. But the one that I’ve listened to ALL 195 episodes of … Amy Porterfield. Driving to work. Working out. Walking to meet friends. Roadtrips. Ob. Sessed. Her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast helps me with my... Read more »

What You Wear Creates the First Impression for Getting a Date

Packaging. What you’re wearing can be just as important as what you say. I would rather be overdressed than underdressed in any situation. Not only does looking nice give me confidence, but it means I’m always ready to meet someone. Last weekend, I checked a sporting event off my bucket list when I went to... Read more »

Never Date A Guy Who Uses the Heart Eyes Emoji

Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I didn’t think much of it when the guy I was dating would end a text with the heart eyes emoji. It didn’t strike me as cute, but it also didn’t bother me. I was completely indifferent. Last week, I was filling in one of my guy... Read more »

If You Don't Ask A Question, Don't Expect To Get A First Date

Part of my job consists of reminding organizations to build relationships with their customers, especially by pushing out content on social media that starts a conversation. I make sure they aren’t talking at the consumer, but instead talking with them. This same advice applies to starting a conversation with someone you match with online or... Read more »

Five New Year's Resolutions to Market Your Way to a Date

Every date starts with a little marketing. Selling yourself by what you wear to the bar, the photos you post to your dating profile, the first thing you say or the message that you send. This is all marketing. As you head into 2017, start using more marketing tips to get more dates. My favorite... Read more »

Christmas Movie Characters Sum Up My 12 Dates in 2016

I talk to dozens and dozens of dudes every year, so whenever someone asks me why I’m still single, I take this time to sum up all of my dating adventures over the last 365 days. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun! This year, I saw my friend’s blog... Read more »

Just Another Tinder Tuesday: Meeting Up With Out-of-Towners

“Hi there” That’s all this guy wrote when we matched on Tinder on Monday night, but it’s better than the guys who just sit in your queue and wait for you. It doesn’t give me much to go on, but I’m used to getting conversations started out of nothing as many say that I could “talk... Read more »

Speeding Up The Tinder Process Might Not Kill You

What? There are weird guys on Tinder? People ask me how I’ve managed to avoid meeting up with a bunch of weird guys on Tinder and it’s all about weeding them out when you’re messaging. You don’t have to spend weeks doing this if you ask questions that reveal if they are awkward, inappropriate, forward, sleezy,... Read more »

Chicago Bears Games Are Like Tinder Except Everyone's Wearing a Jersey

An NFL Sunday is like Tinder in real life. So many dudes passing by that you only have a split second to decide whether or not you want to accept their high five. Fall Sundays are not a day of rest in the dating world because this mass marketing opportunity means you have to talk... Read more »

Guys Don't Actually Care What You Say To Get A Date

I’m a writer. Obviously. Texting is my jam. I try to be interesting, funny and engaging with every text. I don’t spend a ton of time on what I write, although I do proofread them before I hit send, but it’s fair to say that when I’m trying to get a guy’s attention, the text... Read more »