Chicago's Top 10 4th of July Events For Singles

Fireworks. Blech. Not a fan. But they bring people together, especially for the 4th of July holiday, so sometimes I get on board to watch them. I mean, if it could end in me getting a date, I would usually do it.  Other times, I don’t want to be anywhere near them. We all have... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid to Talk to Strangers Even If They Aren't Listening

Go where the people are. It’s as simple as that when putting your plan together on your way to getting a date. To meet a guy, sporting events have always been my go-to because the competition was always less at male-dominated event. Plus, I love sports, and definitely wanted to meet someone who likes them because... Read more »

Be Repulsive So You Can Attract Your Ideal Dating Avatar

Every week we watch The Bachelorette, and every week we are repulsed by someone on the show, this season it’s Jordan, the Male Model. Every time he opens his mouth, we cringe. The guys on the show aren’t shy about sharing their feelings about his ridiculousness. But while most of America is all rolling their eyes,... Read more »
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The Title of My Dating Country Song Would Be Thank You

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Those are the words I heard the most over the last week of CMA Fest in Nashville. These artists were so truly grateful to be on those stages performing in front of big and small crowds. You could see that some couldn’t even believe that this is their life. Morgan... Read more »

Create Your Dating Roadmap So You Never Feel Lost

If you don’t know where you’re going, you will never get there. I’ve heard this a million times, but it sparked something today when I heard David Bach make this comment on Marie Forleo’s podcast. I was thinking about how horrible I am at directions. Driving … I get lost. A lot. Cooking … I throw... Read more »

Think Like Entrepreneurs to Get a Date

Imagine if you surrounded yourself with positive people who constantly encourage you to go after your dreams. Affirming every day that you can most certainly do it regardless of what “it” may be. That nothing is too crazy or farfetched to achieve it. And the reason they believe in you is because they have found their own... Read more »

Tell Your Story Like A Super Bowl Commercial

Thirty, sixty, ninety seconds. That’s all the time these companies used to have to run their Super Bowl commercials. Now they leak the spots early or do gimmicks on social media to extend the reach. They use humor or pull at the heart strings to get your attention. The commercials that tell the best stories... Read more »

Outsource Dating Tasks You Hate To Get A Date

I am obsessed with podcasts. Julie Solomon, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Hyatt. You name it, I probably listen to it. But the one that I’ve listened to ALL 195 episodes of … Amy Porterfield. Driving to work. Working out. Walking to meet friends. Roadtrips. Ob. Sessed. Her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast helps me with my... Read more »

Wishes Are Great, But SMART Goals Actually Make Them Happen

Last week, I was listening to a presentation where the first power point slide laid out the goal of the project. Or what they thought was a goal. If this was someone presenting his/her dating goal to me in that same way I would tell them they are sharing their hopes, dreams and wishes. And... Read more »

How A Meal Prep Plan Can Guide Your Dating Blueprint

Every year I hear people making the same resolutions: save money and lose weight. In fact, these are always at the top of the list in every survey … with a success rate around 9%. Some lists include going on more dates, so to be one of those success stories, you need to have a... Read more »