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A Valentine's Day 'Wheel of Men' Revealed Who They Truly Were

A Wheel of Men.  Not pictures of men on a wheel.  Actual men sitting on a wheel.  In a bar.  On Valentine’s Day/Weekend.  A merry-go-round with eight guys and a line of single women taking their turn spinning this 1000-pound contraption.  It took a minute to take it all in, but they didn’t really give... Read more »

Thanks to Blue Bloods I've Become A Dating Detective

When I was out with a girl friend a couple of weeks ago, we were at the same bar, but as we were getting ready to leave, it seemed like we were in two completely different worlds.  We were in the back of the bar and my back was to the door, so there were... Read more »

I'm Too Old To Drop My Balls On New Year's Eve

Growing up with a Dad who worked second shift and two older brothers, I always wanted to stay up late to hang out with them.  But it was pretty hard for this little girl to actually stay up even on special occasions. Even when I got to college, I was never the one pulling the... Read more »

You Can Pick Your Seat, But Then You Might Feel Dumb and Dumber To

There are so many reasons why I love movie theaters that serve you food and drinks right at your seat … mostly because they serve you food and drinks right at your seat.  But also because some theaters let you pick your seats when you order online.  Now that may not seem like a big... Read more »

Singleween: The Holiday of Door-to-Door Dating

Two weeks ago at the Oklahoma Sooners Football game, I thought universities should start having “Divorced Dad’s Weekend” to make it easier to find those single guys among the crowd.  I’m all about creating new ways to make dating more interesting, so as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, I was asked what holiday I... Read more »

Meeting Guys Is Easy If You Can Brave The Football Weather

“My girlfriend is clueless when it comes to sports, but the funny part is she tells everyone she’s a huge sports fan.” I hear some variation of this every time I’m at a sporting event.  This conversation I eavesdropped on last weekend at the Chicago Bears game ended with, “but she’s hot so I don’t... Read more »

Not Everyone Has Perfect Game At The Bowling Alley, Maybe That's Okay

When my friends told me we needed to make a quick stop before we headed out for the night, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  They said I should tag along to a work function where they were competing against other companies in a variety of sports.  My first thought was that this would be... Read more »

Being Sober On The Dance Floor Meant Better Dating Decisions

Trips to Las Vegas and New Orleans last month solidified my marketing strategy of just being myself. It’s easier to tell a true story, and definitely easier to keep someone interested if they liked you for who you really are.  But are people who vacation in Las Vegas and New Orleans looking for a relationship?... Read more »

Giving Your Number To Married Men Is Scandalous Even If They're Just The Messenger

My biggest challenge in dating is weeding through all the people so I can find the single ones.  That’s one of the reasons why I’ve tried online dating.  You have a pool of single people right at your fingertips, but one of the reasons it doesn’t always work is because of how anti-social the process... Read more »

Girls With Mustaches Get Attention, But Is That A Good Thing?

The thought of having a mustache is frightening.  I’m grateful everyday that I wake up without one.  I don’t even like to date guys with facial hair. Last weekend I couldn’t stop staring at the girls who had come in wearing fake mustaches.  It caught my attention because it was different, and kinda funny.  To... Read more »
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