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Don't Be Afraid of Who You Might Find on Tinder

Last week I had my all-time fastest Tinder relationship. From the time we matched on Tinder to the time I unmatched him after our date, the total time was 4.5 hours. I didn’t do my normal vetting process because he was already out at the bar with the Cubs’ game on, and he seemed harmless... Read more »

Chicago Bears Games Are Like Tinder Except Everyone's Wearing a Jersey

An NFL Sunday is like Tinder in real life. So many dudes passing by that you only have a split second to decide whether or not you want to accept their high five. Fall Sundays are not a day of rest in the dating world because this mass marketing opportunity means you have to talk... Read more »

If Age Is A Deal Breaker, Maybe I Can Meet Someone At The Max

Age can be a deal breaker for me, especially when the guy is younger than me. Not because I’m like, ya know, supes mature, but because the conversation doesn’t really click. Things we like to do or talk about sync with our age, which really became apparent over the last few years when all of... Read more »

Cubs Opening Day: Won't Work For Dates

“You know how you can tell your girlfriend is a Cubs’ fan? She never expects a ring!” I wasn’t even through the entrance of the Phoenix Open in February when the shouting began. I was wearing a Cubs shirt, so comments were coming from Cubs fans, Cardinals fans and everyone in between. So many dudes... Read more »

Super Bowl Commercial Flight Loses The Dating Game

I accidentally started a tradition of watching the Super Bowl 30,000 feet in the air with 175 strangers. For the last three years, I’ve attended the Phoenix Open where I bask in the sun as long as possible on Sunday before taking an evening flight back to the chilly Midwest. Even when the Super Bowl... Read more »

Tinder Was The Best 40th Birthday Present

As if people weren’t already embarrassed about online dating, then Tinder came along.  And with it came the reputation of it being a hookup site, I assume because of the emphasis that is put on physical appearance when matching up with someone.  You have the option to write a short bio, but not everyone does.... Read more »

Beats By Dre Help You Hear The Truth About Dating

I write a lot about finding your target market because one of the complaints I hear the most from single people is they went out to (insert name of place here) and didn’t meet anyone. For example, women going to: – a wine bar on Valentine’s Day – Beaumont when you’re no longer in your... Read more »

If You Feel Too Old For The Bar Scene, You're At The Wrong Bars

“I’m too old to go out to the bars to meet someone.” I hear this all the time.  If you don’t want to meet someone who still likes to go out to the bars, then perhaps you are too old for the bar scene.  But if you think you’re too old because everyone else is... Read more »

The ROI on Buying A Guy A Beer During March Madness Is High

March Madness – by far my favorite time of the year!  Let’s take a look back  at a post from last year that is as true today as it was back then. FREE BEER gets dates.  It just does.  And March Madness makes it that much easier.  Guys have been doing this for years.  Buying... Read more »

Every Rose Has Its Thorn, And I Mean Every One

We walked into the bar near the arena after the Maroon 5 concert on a Wednesday night, quickly scanned the room and spotted a table of three who looked like they were paying their tabs.  Before we could make our way over there, a guy came over to ask if we needed a table. “I... Read more »