Don't Be Mediocre Just Because Others Are

Over the last week, I've been counseling people personally and professionally about staying true to themselves. They are letting people who take shortcuts, are less qualified and/or don't care about the company doubt their passion for who they are and what they want out of life. It's uncomfortable to be the only one who zigs when everyone else zags, but we should always be pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones so we can be the best at whatever it is we are trying to accomplish. If you're doing what everyone else is doing, you can get stuck ... which is exactly why those folks reached out to me. They know I hate mediocre.

On the dating side, not being mediocre as been mislabeled as "desperate". Setting a goal and creating a (marketing) plan to meet someone is "aggressive", they say. But really, it's just smart. The most effective way to get something is to set the goal, commit to it and hold yourself accountable for taking steps to reach that goal.

It also saves time, energy, money and frustration throughout the dating process. So many people will tell me that they are deleting a dating app because it's not working. But when you walk them through the goal setting process, you usually find that they downloaded the app because they wanted to go on 2-3 dates a month in hopes of having a boyfriend/girlfriend in the next year. So when you point out that the app actually enabled them to go on those dates on their way to finding a boyfriend/girlfriend, they become less frustrated. If you don't know where you want to go, how do you expect to get there?

People set their goals for their career all the time. They don't think it's desperate to ask for help with their resumes when looking for a job. They often ask friends if they know anyone who is hiring. For the things you've accomplished in your life, did you set out with a plan to reach them? Have you done the same for finding your partner in life? Have you ever broken down your New Year's Resolution of "falling in love next year" into a goal with an action plan? If you want to go outside of your comfort zone in 2019, drop me an email ( for my free "I Need A Goal" Guide. Make 2019 the year of being extraordinary!


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