Stay True To Yourself Even When Others Can't Do The Same

I love Eric Church. My phone apparently knows that too because his Instagram account popped up as a suggested person to follow. I clicked it and then Chris Young and Cole Swindell popped up. I clicked them both and then set my phone down. Within minutes, I realized that Chris and Cole weren't their verified accounts. These were fake accounts complete with the artists' photos, bios and websites. I know that people have these types of accounts, but I thought it was because they were super fans. Like, love them so much that they want the whole world to know about them.

But not these two. These people both messaged me pretending to BE these artists, but with pretty poor grammar. They thanked me for listening to their music and then started flirting with me. It was so bizarre that they thought I was going to believe that Cole Swindell spends his free time messaging girls about how pretty their eyes are. C'mon, man.

As I was talking with friends about it, we figured that it must actually work sometimes. With dating being a numbers game like marketing and sales, you talk to as many people as you can to see what sticks. But in marketing (and dating), you have to be authentic. Acting like someone you're not, and even impersonating someone else isn't going to work in the long run.

It's things like this that make people skeptical, frustrated and even scared to use online dating apps and services. But it's easy to block these folks and keep moving forward. Don't let the people who are too scared to be themselves affect the way you navigate through the dating world. Be proud of who you are and true to yourself so you can share your story with all the right people.



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