Moments Matter: Even The Smallest Decision Can Have A Big Impact

The defining moments in your life might not seem monumental at the time, but the decisions you make in an instant can shape who you become. When I was on the Moments Matter podcast this morning with Dave Sanderson, I realized that the most pivotal moment that set me on my path was when my parents dropped me off at college my freshman year. I had always followed the rules. I didn’t cause trouble. I didn’t do things wrong. I didn't have any crazy secrets hiding in all that hair!


So when they drove away, I could’ve skipped class, starting drinking, trying drugs, etc. because they would never know. Who did I want to be when they weren’t watching? The same person I had always been, but with the plan to actually work to be better. That was my moment. A simple, yet defining moment.

Other people make decisions in a crisis that change their lives forever, like the host of the podcast, Dave Sanderson. He chose to be the last person off the “Miracle on Hudson” plane to make sure everyone was safe before he took care of himself. That was an instinct. It’s at the core of who he is.

Whether it’s a crisis, a promotion, being cheated on, having a baby, experiencing a death, graduating or getting divorced, these moments matter. Choose to be happy, to forgive, to learn, to move forward. Choose whatever will make you want to be a better person. When you know who you are, you can find the person you were meant to be with.

What are your moments that matter? How did they change you?

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