If You Want To Netflix and Chill, You Need To Stop Netflixing

Fear of failure.

Lack of confidence.

Lack of knowledge.

Lack of purpose.

Lack of time.

Those were the top four answers on a Facebook post where the moderator in the Female Entrepreneur group asked what's holding people back from taking the leap to start their business. These are the same responses I got during my "I Need a Minute" Workshop when I asked what is holding people back from getting a date. The advice for both centers around strategy.

If you have a well-thought out plan, you have identified your purpose and become an expert in that field you will the confidence you need. Having a solid strategy helps you take calculated risks, which then lessens the risk of failure. But this all takes TIME.

Good news ... becoming an expert in yourself easy! Be so passionate about your life that you can't help but share your stories. Feel confident in YOU! Do something every day that gets you closer to your goal. Even if it's something little.

Seth Godin wrote a whole book about shipping it. That it doesn't need to be perfect, you just need to get it out there. If you set skip that next episode of the show you're binge watching on Netflix, you can create an online dating profile, grab dinner with friends, join a rec sports league, etc. Add something new into your plan and see how it goes. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be something.

And when you get the date, it also doesn't need to be perfect. Like the guy who ended up being ten years younger than me and spent the entire dinner asking me for advice from selling his car to investing in his first 401K. He even asked me if it was okay if he went to the bathroom. Three times. But we still had a great time because were at my favorite restaurant, so it was an amazing meal. And I'm passionate about mentoring. It's at the core of who I am, so while I wasn't expecting to be mentoring on my date, it was fun to be able to help him figure out his strategy even if it didn't align with mine.

If you take the time to set your strategy and stay true to yourself, you will find the path you were meant to be on.



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