If You Can Forgive, You Can Do Anything

Is there someone in your life you need to forgive?

Lewis Howes asked me that today via Facebook and I came up blank. He just released his first episode of "Inspiring Life with Lewis Howes" and something his guest, Gabby Berstein, said really resonated with me because it's at the core of what I teach everyday, "you're quite blessed that he moved on". I encourage people to let go of the negativity of past relationships so they can be open to finding someone new, so I'm always reminding people that it's okay to let go of someone who didn't appreciate the amazing person they are. It's not easy, but it's okay. And now I will also say it's a blessing.

So I made a comment on Lewis' first video post about how much I loved that advice, and within a few minutes, he posted that question to me. I thought about it for a while. I thought about people who had hurt me in the past. Those who caused me to have self doubt. Strangers who knocked my self esteem with a rude comment here and there. All of those situations were tough in the moment, but I moved on. Sometimes I needed several conversations to get over the situation and/or relationship, but I always found myself growing because of it in the end.

Some people are no longer in my life while others earned their way back in because I found a way to forgive. So when Lewis asked me that question, it made me happy to reflect back on all of my relationships with friends, family, boyfriends and even strangers to find that I have only let these people make me a better person regardless of what their intentions were. So this question about forgiveness also gave me the answer to a question I get all the time, "how are you always so positive?" People assume that everything in my life must be all rainbows and roses, but I realized today, that it's because I'm able to forgive. Everyone.

If you can find a way to forgive then you will find yourself growing. Sometimes that means forgiving yourself. When you have this sense of strength you can conquer that fear of getting hurt by seeing every date as an opportunity for love instead of a possibility for heartache. So I ask you the question that gave me so much affirmation today, is there someone in your life you need to forgive?

Don't let your past hold you back from the future you want. Be proud of who you are and surround yourself with people who celebrate you so you can build that confidence to take chances on love and in life. This was one of my messages in last week's "I Need A Minute Workshop" as we pledged to take five days to self reflect on who we are so we could figure out what we want. Check out the replays of last week's lessons in the private Facebook group where we walked through creating a personal SWOT analysis to set the foundation for setting a goal, creating a plan and telling a story. Your story can be anything you want ... you just need to surround yourself with the characters who will make it fun and full of love.


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