Hanging With Celebrities Talking Business, But What I Heard Was Love

Oh, hey, Gabs, Jess, Tiff, Brook ... just hanging with the girls in NYC last week. After posting photos from the BlogHer Creators Summit, I’ve been getting lots of questions about how I got into the room with Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, Amy Schumer, Tiffani Thiessen, Uzo Aduba, Maria Menounos, Christy Turlington, Brooklyn Decker and Marie Forleo. Well, because I had no idea they were going to be there.

A friend suggested I pitch myself to speak at this conference, so I looked over the info she provided and sent along my best sales pitch as to why someone fairly new to this creator world should take the stage to provide insight to hundreds of women who way more established in this influencer circle. As I was following the post that had the call out for speakers, people kept sharing that they were turned down within a few days of submitting, so I now consider a big win to have lasted several weeks before they gave me the boot. In a very positive rejection email, they then offered a discount on the admission to attend, so it seemed crazy to pass up a trip to NYC.

Over the next few weeks, they started announcing the speakers that would be at the summit and it was one celebrity after another. I mean, how do you turn down an opportunity to hear Kelly Kapowski speak? The moderator even asked Tiffani if she thought Kelly was a feminist on Saved By the Bell. That one definitely caught her off guard!

But instead of feeling intimidated by these women, I took in everything I could over the next two days, which included advice for building a brand and/or a business. And they didn’t disappoint.  They were so authentic with a true passion for supporting women. In fact, Amy Schumer was a surprise guest on Wednesday, and when she took the stage she point-blank said, “if you’re not lifting women up, then you’re an asshole.” There were so many stories and comments like this that got applause and cheers when they spoke, so I've put together the top five pieces of business advice that will hopefully empower you to go after anything AND anyone you want.

Five Business Tips That Sound Like Love Advice

Gabrielle Union: If you have a great idea, you will have more than one suitor. If you show your amazing self, you will have more than one suitor.

Tiffani Thiessen: My Mom always said it takes more energy to frown, so we focused on seeing the good in any situation.

Amy Schumer: If someone challenges you, take the time to hold their hand and show them what they may not see.

Jessica Alba: The path to profitability is perseverance. I want to empower women to lead happy, healthy lives.

Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey: You need to define your core values before you can do anything. And when someone tells you no, it’s just another reason to work even harder. 


Per usual, all business advice can be adapted for the dating world, including celebrities and especially when they talk about identifying your core values. You need to know who you are and what you stand for so you can someone who will connect on this level. It will also keep you from compromising on things that are truly at the core of who you are.  The emcee started the conference by saying this event was created to help people take their passion to purpose to profit. What are you passionate about? What are you core values? How can you find the one (aka profit)? If you need help, drop me an email (Tracie@HitzAndBranding.com) for my free dating resource that helps you do a personal SWOT analysis so you are ready to start creating your plan to land your dates.


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