Don't Be Afraid to Talk to Strangers Even If They Aren't Listening

Go where the people are. It's as simple as that when putting your plan together on your way to getting a date. To meet a guy, sporting events have always been my go-to because the competition was always less at male-dominated event. Plus, I love sports, and definitely wanted to meet someone who likes them because they are my life. I actually thought that all guys liked sports, but it turns out that there are some who don't. Like the guy who programmed the iPads for the orangutans at the zoo ... not even a little bit of a sports fan. Spent quite a bit of time talking about the proper pronunciation of orangutans. Anyone out there say orangatang?

He also didn't drink. While beer and sports go together, I used to avoid beer festivals because I don't love beer. But that was just silly. The guys always outnumber the girls there too, and who cares if you end up with a who loves beer? Over the weekend, I went to a beer fest where we started conversations with people wearing pretzel necklaces. A pretty in-depth conversation with the girl who used fishing line and Cheez-Its.

One guy was at the fest by himself, so he was happy to chat with us about the different beers or the bands that were playing. There were so many conversation starters for those who had the courage to talk to a stranger. But some folks didn't want to talk to people outside of the group they came with, and some were rude about it. The ones who blew us off discouraged some from talking to anyone else that day. It made them sad about ever getting a date.

So a friendly reminder, to be nice. Like when you listen to that family member who tells the same story over and over. Or the friend who always talks about his/her ailments. Let's not crush people's spirits. And their dreams. But if someone tries, don't let them. You have the power to do that! Sometimes I like to keep talking to them even though I know they have absolutely no interest. What has been your experience when you talk to strangers?


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