The Title of My Dating Country Song Would Be Thank You

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Those are the words I heard the most over the last week of CMA Fest in Nashville. These artists were so truly grateful to be on those stages performing in front of big and small crowds. You could see that some couldn’t even believe that this is their life. Morgan Evans said thank you so much during his 30-minute set that he actually apologized for it.

They told stories about how many times they heard the word “no” when trying to make it as a singer. One guy said that when the record labels said “no” what he actually heard was “not yet”. They all had different ways they handled rejection, but every single one of them came back stronger for it. It fueled them. They took the feedback and worked even harder.


Michael Ray talked about living in a two-bedroom house with five guys, and that this moment is what he dreamed about his whole life. The story that still resonates with me was from the CMA Fest last year. HGTV created a pop-up stage in a parking lot where Chris Janson was playing a private show and he said that a few years ago, he was sleeping in his car in that exact parking lot.

Cole Swindell won over the crowd with his song called, “The Ones Who Got Me Here” with lyrics like, all the haters, all the lovers … never-gave-up-on-me teachers … the ones that said I’d never make it … all the long shot late-night prayers.

These were great reminders to be grateful for the ups AND the downs. That we can grow from every situation if we keep believing in ourselves. Surround yourself with people who will support you and challenge you. The best moment of the weekend was watching Randy Travis, walk slowly out on the stage to receive the legends award. After suffering a stroke in 2013, his speech has been limited, so his wife addressed the crowd. She said Randy was so excited about the award that he wore his jeans and boots for the first time in five years. When she finished, Randy leaned over into the microphone and with all of his energy was able to squeak out two words. "Thank you".

Thank YOU to everyone who has supported me for the last five years as I've been blogging in hopes of helping others while also helping myself grow along the way. Thanks to all of the guys I've met, even the one who asked the waitress where he could get some weed. Let's keep living, learning going after our dreams because we know that anything is possible. Let's write our own dating country song!

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