Think Like Entrepreneurs to Get a Date

Imagine if you surrounded yourself with positive people who constantly encourage you to go after your dreams. Affirming every day that you can most certainly do it regardless of what "it" may be. That nothing is too crazy or farfetched to achieve it. And the reason they believe in you is because they have found their own way to success and want to share it with you.

You don't even need to know these people in real life to feed off of their energy. As you know, I'm obsessed with podcasts. Complete strangers who I rely on to help me keep plugging away personally and professionally. Today, it was three people over three different mediums, and it turned out to be one of my most productive days.

Lewis Howes

During his online Masterclass that had 1,000 people participating, it felt like he was talking directly to me when he said, Commit to investing. If you don't take action you won't get results. 

As I listened to him tell his own success story and then share the many stories of the people he's helped create their own successes, I thought about how far he's come since he reached out to me almost a decade ago. I assume he found me on LinkedIn due to our shared connections within the sports industry, and after all this time, I'm sure he doesn't remember it because he made the impact on that call, not me. He was just starting out back then and he was telling me why I should be using LinkedIn more at my job. I jotted down some notes and even implemented a few of them throughout my career, but what I remember most was his charisma. At the time, I had no idea he would go on to become a best selling author and have a Top 100 podcast, The School of Greatness, but as I've followed his career, it makes total sense because he invested in himself.

Michael Hyatt

Every morning, I take a quick glance my social media platforms to get the latest news and inspiration, as well as check in on my friends, of course. On Facebook, there was an ad from Michael Hyatt selling his Full Focus Planner and it simply said, Plan your year, Design your days, Achieve your goals.

Marie Forleo

After social media I check my email, which is full of messages from these positive people and more. Dozens of strangers who inspire me everyday. Today's email from Marie Forleo shared a summary of her latest podcast that said, Moral of the story: nearly everyone who's ever created something remarkable took a long time to get there. And you, Tracie, have that power within you too.

All of these folks give out business advice that I use in my job, but you can also apply it to dating. All of it. For those who tell me that they didn't meet anyone over the weekend, I ask them what they did to make it happen. What ACTIONS did they take? Usually it's none. They didn't swipe on Tinder, or go out with friends or smile at the guy at the grocery store.

As we talk through it, of those who did take action I find that it wasn't always purposeful. They didn't set GOALS or put together a PLAN to set them up for meeting someone. Remember my friend who had three dates in ten days and was still frustrated? Of course, one of the guys kept doing cartwheels all night and drawing penises on his receipts, but without setting a goal and having a plan, it's impossible to know if you've actually failed. Those folks who didn't take action and had no dates all month felt that she was a success because "at least she had guys calling her".

Too many dates or not enough, I often hear about how frustrated they are because it's taking too long to meet someone. I remind them that if they want to find their perfect match, to find someone REMARKABLE, it will take TIME. Sometimes lots and lots of time. Let's not forget, I went on a first date with a guy who texted to let me know that he already ordered his food because he was too hungry to wait for me ... and I wasn't even late for the date. But I stuck to my plan and continued to chip away.

As I get inspired by these entrepreneurs each day, I want to pay it forward by sharing how business plans can actually help you get a date. I mean, that's the whole reason I started my blog, to be your virtual wingwoman. Your cheerleader whenever you need it. Your marketing expert to land a date. YOU are my inspiration, and I hope you continue to surround yourself with friends, colleagues and especially strangers who will encourage you to take action so you can achieve even your wildest dreams. Share your goals below so we can cheer you on!


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