How A Meal Prep Plan Can Guide Your Dating Blueprint

Every year I hear people making the same resolutions: save money and lose weight. In fact, these are always at the top of the list in every survey ... with a success rate around 9%. Some lists include going on more dates, so to be one of those success stories, you need to have a plan. As I was reading one of the emails from my trainer about meal prep, everything she said could also be done for a dating blueprint.

The Benefits

She started out with the benefits, including wasting less food and in turn saving money, as well as feeling less stress knowing your meals are taken care of after a long day at work and providing variety so you stick with it. When people tell me they are going to take a break from dating it's because it's wasting their time and money. They get stressed about making the dates and they are tired of meeting the same kind of guys that never hold their attention.

The Solutions

Weight Loss Tip #1: Create a meal template, for example, one stir fry, one seafood, one slow cooker, etc.

Dating Tip #1: Create a dating template, for example, time on Tinder, talk to a stranger, chat with friends about their single friends, etc. By having different ways to meet someone it won't be as frustrating when one avenue isn't working or goes stale. Keep things fresh to stay energized.

Weight Loss Tip #2:Plan your recipes based on what you already have in your kitchen and what needs to be used.

Dating Tip #2: Do things you like. Plan out your week so you don't miss out on events that could expand your wolfpack or get a date.

Weight Loss Tip #3: Sort your list by aisle.

Dating Tip #3: Making a plan on the front end saves you time on the backend. If you're chatting with a few different people, take the time to figure out who has the most potential. If you've been talking to someone for a couple of weeks, pull the trigger to make plans instead of dragging things out. Have a system to sort through who you're talking to and how. Do more of what is working and less of what isn't.

Weight Loss Tip #4: Reduce prep time using prechopped veggies and precooked meat.

Dating Tip #4: Ask your friends to set you up with their single friends. Skip past the screening process of randos you are talking to online or meet at an event by having your friends do some of the work for you.

Weight Loss Tip #5: Make a double recipe.

Dating Tip #5: Make a double date. No, not a date that you go on with another couple. Make two dates in one night. When I would spend time getting ready and driving to meet a guy, I would get frustrated when it didn't work out because of the time and effort that went into the date that I ultimately cut short because we just didn't click. Then, I started making two dates on the same day, sometimes the same night. So meet one guy for a drink and another guy for dinner. Or one guy for lunch and another guy at the driving range. Even if neither of the dates worked out, it was less annoying because it was only half of the effort for each of the dates.

What are your goals for 2018? What are you going to do to make them attainable this year? What everyday reminders will keep you on track?


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