Let's Play A Game of Murderer or Socially Awkward

I've gone on dozens of dates with complete strangers. I rely on my journalism degree and hard-hitting investigative skills to decide whether I should venture out alone, usually via text and email.  I've never been on a first date with a guy who actually scared me.  A few have been a little wacky, but pretty harmless. Because of this, I don't think twice about grabbing a drink with a guy I met online.  It's always in a public place instead of a back alley. And if they pull up in a white van, I'll probably head home. Unless he's really cute, of course.

My married friends fear for my life.  It doesn't matter if I'm meeting him in the middle of two thousand people. They still want me to text when I get there, as well as check in throughout the date.  Is there an app for that? They truly believe I will be murdered.

If a guy does text something odd, I don't freak out because they are usually just nervous and some are socially awkward.  None of them are murderers. We debate this every time I go on a first date with someone I met online, but they really freaked when I matched with a guy on Tinder who sent sent a message a few minutes later.

"Where do you live?"

That's all it said. This scared the crap out of my friends.

"OMG! Don't tell him where you live!"

"He's not asking for my address," I said. "This app is location based so with as much as I travel, he's probably just trying to figure out if we live in the same town."

"That is a question a killer would ask."

"He sounds like a location snob. Don't try to act like you didn't snub guys who lived in the suburbs when you were single," I said.

Yes, his opening line could've been more inviting and less scary, so I wrote him back with a more appropriate one.

"Hello (Guy), thanks for reaching out. What are you up to?"

"Oh hi," he wrote back. "Thanks for responding, but you didn't tell me where you live."

Before had a chance to write him back he unmatched me on Tinder.  My friends think it's because he was fishing for my address to come find me or he doesn't want to date a girlwho is already correcting him.

What do you all think? Murderer or socially awkward?

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