You're American! I Must Talk To You, For Now

Spending the 4th of July in a different country is just like any other day, but being American in Australia has proven to be a great way to meet people (aka mates). I'm not sure if we have a different scent or if it's a unique look, but I rarely had to say a word before the guys would grab their friends and say, "An American! She's an American!" Then, they would ask me a bunch of questions as if I was the most interesting person in the room.

On Sunday, I went to a footy match, which was a completely new sport for me. Like a nerd, I did some research before my trip, but it wasn't enough to feel comfortable with what was going on. The Aussies liked that. They enjoyed explaining the rules and giving me the backstory on the players, which was something new for me. Since I work in sports, rarely am I the girl who doesn't know what's going on when I'm at a game, but I kinda liked the attention I got for being a little clueless.

At the game we sat in the equivalent of an American suite where we saw only three other girls there all night. These conditions were amazing. When I ordered a drink at the bar, I would ask the guy next to me a question about the game, which instantly started a conversation. When I walked around, I would ask the guys what people usually do after the game, and again, instant conversation. After awhile, I would just stand next to a guy without saying a word, and still it sparked a conversation. Essentially, I didn't even need to try.

But after the novelty of being an American wore off, it didn't really go anywhere. Of course there was one guy who wanted to hook up with an American, but the others knew there was no point in chatting up someone who lives 18 hours away (aka a $1,500 plane ride away). And I agree that's just not a good return on investment.

So while it was easier than usual to get the guy's attention in Australia, it was definitely harder to keep it. One guy asked if I traveled often to Australia for work, but when I told him this was a trip I had been dreaming of taking for years, the conversation went back to asking me questions about America. With only one day left, I'm not sure my American accent will be enough to meet a mate before I leave, but of course I'm still going to try. I just need to try a little harder. Make the U.S. seem closer than it appears. How do you get out of the Australian Friend Zone?



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