Seeing Past The Movember Mustaches To Find Love

Mustaches have a special place in my heart.  Through my many years of dating, they've never steered me wrong in deciding which guys to talk to whether it's in person or searching through online dating profiles.  Basically, if they have one, I pass.  Even though there are always exceptions to every rule, for example Tom Selleck, I've yet to find a mustache man I like in real life.

Goatees, scruff and even beards are good, but there's just something about a mustache I can't wrap my head around.  So every November I get totally thrown off.  When men stop shaving to raise awareness for men's health issues.  No Shave November.  Movember.

Don't get me wrong, I love how this initiative has taken off through the years.  It's great to see people coming together for a cause, but it makes things a little more challenging when I'm looking for a date.  I have to change my normal routine.  Switch things up when I enter a room.

I take more chances.  It's not easy to work the question into the conversation, "so, is that mustache for Movember?"  Okay, well actually it is pretty easy to ask the question, but the answer is where it can get awkward.  If it's not a mustache with a cause, then it's just a mustache.  And that's when I get awkward.

Last weekend, I was out and there were mustaches everywhere.  I didn't even know where to begin.  When I finally zeroed in on a table of three guys, it turned out the one I approached was actually a Grandpa.  His mustache was real.  He'd hadn't shaved in over 30 years, he told me.  His mustache was almost as old as me.  And we had fun talking about all the things it had seen through the years.  You can't always judge a book by its cover, although I sometimes do.

It's moments like that when you start to see things differently.  When the mustache doesn't stand for anything.  It doesn't define the person behind it.  When a mustache is just a mustache.

Mustache Movember

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