What Your Chicago Bears Jersey Says About Your Love Life

I go to dozens of sporting events each year and one of my favorite things is to see if the jerseys they're wearing fit their personalities.  While I don't usually like guys who pick me up for a date wearing a jersey, I do like to analyze which player they've chosen.  I only have one Bears' jersey, which is from grade school when I was Refrigerator Perry in the talent show performance of the Super Bowl Shuffle.


Going old school shows no fear of commitment.  We're loyal, and in it for the long haul.  We like those who have come after, but when we find someone we like, we stick with them.  We don't care if they're the best looking or have a great body.  We just want someone who is different, fun and a team player.

The fridge jersey


When you go even further back in history to wear the jersey of a legend, you tend to have high expectations.  You want a person who is successful and completely put together every time you see them.  You want everyone to notice them when you walk into a room.  And if things aren't working out, you do everything you can to make them happy.

Butkus jersey


You probably also have an Orton or McNown jersey because you date the same type of person every time.  You pick them because you think that's who you're supposed to be with because they look good on paper, but they cause unnecessary stress with all of the dramatic ups and downs in the relationship.  You don't fully commit because you wonder if there is someone better waiting in the wings.

Culter jersey


You're a romantic.  An optimist.  You think this could be the one who makes you settle down.  The grand gestures, as well as the everyday actions that command the spotlight draw you in, but can they sustain you or are you always looking for the next best thing?

marshall jersey

Do you own a Chicago Bears jersey?  What do you think it says about you?  Do you have your own name on the back?  Or did you leave it blank because you couldn't commit to anyone?  Comment below!

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