Five Reasons Girls Should Not Hate Erin Andrews

I get it.  Erin Andrews is gorgeous.  Talented.  Successful.  She can get any guy she wants.  I know why girls are jealous, but I don't understand it.  The comments I hear when I'm out at the bar watching Football ("She doesn't know sports") are as off the mark as the comments they make about the game ("Cutler sucks because he's dating Kristin").

They say you should walk a mile in someone else's shoes to really know them, but I only had to walk behind her for a minute at a college game to get a pretty good idea.  Every step she took, guys were screaming from the stands to get her attention.  Some could be considered compliments ("You're so hot") while others were degrading ("Have sex with me"), but she took them all in stride.

I'm okay with not being the pretty one, but walking near Erin Andrews even for a few seconds is more like being the invisible one.  And I'm okay with that too.  Here are five reasons I don't hate Erin Andrews:

1) It's not fun to be around someone who is jealous, especially when it's someone you don't even know.  Being negative is not attractive.

2) She's not perfect and she doesn't pretend to be.  We've seen her trip, make a joke that falls flat or even stumble over her words, but she's not afraid to put herself out there where the whole world is watching.  Life is about taking risks, and she makes it look easy.

3) I know she's a rockstar at many things, but I could say that about most people I meet.  There's no sense in being jealous of other women.  We should be supporting each other in the workplace, and we definitely need each other when we go out on the town.

4) She makes me dress better.  Just because I'm headed out to watch the game doesn't mean I need to look like I'm headed out to watch a game.  When I'm out among so many guys, it helps to look like a girl.

5) Even though she's not there in person, Erin Andrews is a great wingwoman because she gives tidbits of information that are perfect for starting conversations with the guys watching the game.  She can actually make you look more attractive to these sports fans who may not notice you otherwise.

Erin Andrews isn't the competition.  She's never going to steal your job or your boyfriend.  She's got better things to do.


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