The Skirt You Wore To The Fantasy Football Draft Was So Adorable

"Are we going to the same Fantasy Football draft?" asked the only other girl in our fantasy football league.

"I know I'm overdressed for the league, but this is a great opportunity to meet someone," I responded.  "Fantasy football is an automatic conversation starter."

It's all about the gameplan.  Regardless of whether I'm working or out socializing, I set goals to make sure I accomplish as much as possible.  It's expected at work, but I make the most if my free time too.  While it may not sound fun to actually schedule your fun, I end most nights feeling like I made the most of it.

In this case, I had two options:

1) Defense:

It takes initiative to join a Fantasy Football League, especially one that makes a big event out of the draft day.  In fact, when I first joined, it was because of the draft day get together.  Who am I kidding? That's still why I love this league.

But with ten guys and only two girls in the league, we aren't the most approachable in this situation, so it's a gamble to wait and see if someone has the nerve to talk with you among this group.  In most cases, people assume that if there are girls in the league, there must be some guys who are so whipped they had to include their girlfriends to play.

If you play it safe by hanging back waiting for someone else to make the first move, you risk people making assumptions about your situation, which could mean no gain at all.

2) Offense:

Everyone in our league is pretty serious about the draft, including Skyping people in from Texas and Hawaii each year.  When you look that serious, I thought wearing as skirt would give off a fun vibe.

Being surrounded by the guys can send mixed signals, so I made sure to leave a buffer seat on either side of me at the table to show that I wasn't attached to any of these fellas.

Fantasy Football Buffer Seat

Then, I created multiple opportunities to branch out on my own, including unnecessary trips to the bathroom, ordering drinks from the bar despite having our own waitress, etc.  When standing alone, it's easier to strike up a conversation, especially when they know that you're playing Fantasy Football.

I'm not a stats nerd, but I know what's happening in the sports world.  I'm up on the latest stories and can usually talk intelligently about hot topics.  On this special day, my brain is packed with so much sports info that I can carry on even more in depth conversations, which can extend a brief encounter into something more substantial.  I take advantage of my super brain on draft day to talk to as many guys as possible.

And guys who drink on Football Sundays are one of my target markets.  While some people say these folks must be unemployed or don't take their careers seriously, I find that we actually have a lot in common.  I want to date someone who loves Football and being social not matter what day it's on.  That doesn't mean you don't have ambition in life.

Of course there can be some penalty flags to watch out for:

- Guys who are super fantasy players get annoyed when they are interrupted at any point during the draft.  I'm all for being serious about picking your team, but what will they be like when there's a big game on the line later on during the season?

- Guys who aren't drinking at all also come off too serious for me.  It's Football.  Having a few drinks is part of the experience.  What other things will he not go with the flow with down the road?

- Guys who are so hammered by the end of the draft that they can barely put together a coherent thought.  It's fun to go out on Sundays, but how many other times will you be carrying this guy home if you start dating?

To increase the chances of meeting someone, join multiple leagues with different friends.  You never know if someone within the league will go from an opponent to a boyfriend.  For the first time, this year I joined an all-girls Fantasy Football League, which I thought would be a great way to get attention when out for the draft party.  But then I found out there is no party.  Instead we'll be drafting online from home.  Or will I be able to convince some of these ladies to go on the offensive to make the most of this annual opportunity?

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