Do You Act Like Miley Cyrus When You Go Out?

Ahhh!  I couldn't look away.  I wanted to, but Miley Cyrus had my attention from the moment she walked out of that giant bear.

Shock marketing (aka shockvertising) is when a company surprises or offends the consumers on purpose, like Calvin Klein's controversial ads in the mid-1990s or Burt Reynolds stripping down for DirecTV to prove not everything needs to be seen in HD.

The shock value gets people talking. People are still talking about Miley Cyrus on the VMAs. Or at least I am.  Whether it's good or bad publicity, people are watching. And talking about her. And buying her songs on iTunes. So, will acting like Miley Cyrus get you a date? Let's break it down based on what people have been saying:

She looked like a prostitute:
There's no shortage of girls out on a Saturday night wearing outfits that rival Miley's. When they walk by, men and women can't help but stare.

She sounded awful:
I've heard piercing screams from girls when their favorite song comes on at the bar, and while I don't expect them to be amazing singers, the whole bar cringes when they belt it out at the top of their lungs. Again, good or bad, they command the attention of those within shouting distance, which is everyone.

Too much twerking:
Someone has to start the dance floor even if the bar doesn't actually have one. And some girls aren't afraid to jump up on the bar to get that added attention. It's not always easy to get the guys out on the dance floor, but they usually make an exception when they see some provocative moves.

That poor foam finger:
Bringing props to the bar definitely gets noticed whether it's for a pub crawl, bachelorette party, etc. It's a great conversation starter, and it's enough to just have the props. There's no need to get freaky with them.

She should keep her tongue in her mouth:
While Miley was sticking her tongue out randomly throughout the performance, she also attacked Robin Thicke with it.  I totally get why she would want to make out with him, but it's not often you find someone of his caliber just hanging out at the bar. And yet, I see so many girls making out at the bar with complete strangers. Everybody sees it.

What was Robin Thicke thinking?:
I'm still wondering how Robin was pulled into this mess, but he kind of brings a little street cred to the performance. Usually walking into a bar with a guy can deter others from talking to you, but when he's as disinterested as Robin was, it's not a problem. And if your guy friend seems cool, that makes you look a little less like a hot mess.

Shedding the young girl image:
She's done several things over the last two years to make people forget about her Hannah Montana days, but this performance will definitely help to change her image. Often times a 21st birthday celebration can resemble the trainwreck that performance was. They want everyone to know they are old enough to make good choices, but on those nights, they rarely do.

For mature audiences only:
Lots of complaints about the performance being too mature for the younger people watching, but that's typical of the VMAs.  There have been many shocking moments, inappropriate outfits and provocative dancing at the VMAs through the years.  It's typical for a bar to have some mature moments as well, so sometimes you see girls acting like Miley.  Just like the viewers could chose to turn the channel, you can easily go to another bar.  Maybe one in a less-trendy neighborhood.  Or don't bring your kids to the bar.  That's just a good rule of thumb in general.

But is all of this attention a good thing? How would you feel knowing your actions are offending kids and adults?  Sure you want to catch someone's eye, but if you're giving off a vibe that isn't really you, you'll probably end up with someone who isn't really for you either.  People already think it's impossible to meet a good guy at a bar, so going to extremes to get this kind of attention makes it even more unlikely you'll get a date beyond that one night.

Why not work on getting some nice, wholesome attention that won't fizzle after the shock wears off?  All of the hype leading up to the VMAs was about the NSYNC reunion, and even though you didn't hear as much about their performance at Miley's, they received rave and respectable reviews. Which would you rather be?

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