Taste of Chicago Dating Guide

Since the city shortened the length of The Taste of Chicago a few years ago, some people complain that it should be longer than five days.  But I think it's just fine.  People respond to deadlines and/or limited-time offers so they still come out in force to see the new features that have been added to make up for the shortened event.

Millions of people in fact.  While attendance isn't what it used to be, like the record year from 1999 with 3.68 million people, the event is still bananas. So packed in 1997, they sold 117,000 frozen bananas.  Despite shootings and food poisoning through the years, The Taste continues to bring people out.  But what kind of people?  Young, old, married, single?

As I checked my Facebook feed last night, my friends who were talking about heading down to Grant Park were all planning to go to concerts.  One friend posted a photo of the entrance with a caption that simply said, "Gross".  That lead to comments supporting both sides, including the fun food and music on the pro side and the sweaty, rude people on the other.

So should single people go to The Taste?  If so, when?  Now that the event only lasts five days, it's easier to cover more ground, but that doesn't mean you need to go there everyday.  It just depends on what you're looking for when you're there.

The Taste of Chicago Dating Guide:

- If I'm looking for a single Dad, I would take a half day during the week or go down on the weekend and head straight to Family Village to enjoy some arts and crafts, face paint and more.

- If I want a guy who likes to go out anytime, I would go on a weeknight to hit up a concert with an artist that would attract some dudes, like FUN. last night.

- If a healthy lifestyle is important, I'll stop by the restaurants that have the green-apple icons that denote healthier options among everything deep fried, deep dish or on a stick.

- If I'm into fancy fellas, I would consider checking out the Chef Du Jour meals scheduled throughout the week to see if single guys hang out there or if I would only find couples dining.  Either way, I'd get a great meal out of it!

- If the guy comes down everyday to check out the special pop up restaurants of the day, that could mean he is a player, who is always looking for something new.

- If it's a guy who likes adventure and is up for anything, I'm going to check out the Food Trucks because you never know what's going to happen when your food is on wheels.

Let me know if The Taste has been a great place to meet someone or if it's just sweaty, rude people.  I'd love to hear where you spend your time when you head down to Grant Park for this event!

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