Even Though I Won't Be Dating His Friends, They Factor Into The Dating Equation

“Don’t leave!” the random guys pleaded as we walked by. “Sit with us.” “I’ll get you a chair, lovely lady,” one guy said to my friend. “Oh, I can get one for you too,” he said when he finally noticed me. This is what happens when you go the bar with a tall blonde.  But... Read more »

I Used To Buy Beer To Get A Date; Now I Get The Date And Free Pizza

Last year was exhausting.  I talked to just about every guy who I thought might be someone I would like to date.  I chatted up the girl friends in the group to get “in”.  I bought beer to figure out who the single guys were in a crowded bar.  I never wanted to miss an... Read more »

Age Is A Deal Breaker, But That Doesn't Make Me Picky

After a year spent focusing on learning how to sell myself using marketing advice, I’ve gained enough confidence to put my best self forward any time.  Now that I’m always ready to meet a guy, I’m going to spend more time figuring out where they are hiding.  But not in a creepy way.  Well, not... Read more »

A Year Of Seth Godin's Marketing Advice Prepared Me To Find The One

52 weeks.  Countless hours of flirting.  10 marketing books.  24 times I was asked out.  6 times I said yes. 1 second date. 1 third date.  0 boyfriends.  And 1 who got away.  That’s 2014 by the numbers after my one year dating challenge.  It started with a pledge to read one dating book by... Read more »

I'm Too Old To Drop My Balls On New Year's Eve

Growing up with a Dad who worked second shift and two older brothers, I always wanted to stay up late to hang out with them.  But it was pretty hard for this little girl to actually stay up even on special occasions. Even when I got to college, I was never the one pulling the... Read more »

Seven Christmases Makes Me Jolly That I'm Still Single

Tis the season, apparently, to feel sorry for yourself about being single.  It started last month with an eCard that started making its way around social media the week of Thanksgiving.   I laughed when I saw it.  Like, really laughed.  That’s pretty funny.  But most of the comments I saw on the posts were... Read more »

Thinking Like A Tiny Business Owner In Vegas Was Just Plain Fun

Staying on the The Strip means you won’t probably won’t meet anyone who actually lives in Vegas, and that’s what I love about it.  When I was in Vegas a few months ago, I met people from all over the country who were up for anything.  There’s just something about that city. When I went... Read more »

Being A Matchmaker Isn't A Matter Of Life And Death, I Promise

“I want no part of that.” That’s what a new friend’s husband said when she asked him to help her set me up with one of his friends.  I’ve only met her husband once, but does he think I’m too wacky for his friend?  I wouldn’t blame him for that, but It turns out, he... Read more »

You Can Pick Your Seat, But Then You Might Feel Dumb and Dumber To

There are so many reasons why I love movie theaters that serve you food and drinks right at your seat … mostly because they serve you food and drinks right at your seat.  But also because some theaters let you pick your seats when you order online.  Now that may not seem like a big... Read more »

Singleween: The Holiday of Door-to-Door Dating

Two weeks ago at the Oklahoma Sooners Football game, I thought universities should start having “Divorced Dad’s Weekend” to make it easier to find those single guys among the crowd.  I’m all about creating new ways to make dating more interesting, so as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, I was asked what holiday I... Read more »
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