My First Marketing Plan Was To Get A Date With My High School Crush

Visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday on the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier got me thinking about how baseball has affected my life.  Obviously, it wasn’t as impactful as Jackie Robinson, but sports has been at the core of my dating world since my high school crush.  Even though I don’t... Read more »

If Your Pickup Line Doesn't Work, Don't Resort To Drugs

I wear dresses to sports bars.  I don’t wear sweatpants to the grocery store.  I’m always ready to make a first impression.  This helps with confidence to approach a guy who wanders by.  Sometimes you only get a chance to say something quickly, so that opening line is clutch.  If you miss the mark, having... Read more »

Dating Could Be A Sport, So Join A Fantasy League

Two weeks ago, I was a guest on the Fantasy Dating radio show because we have some of the same philosophies when it comes to dating. Be positive. Put yourself out there. Have fun.  Of course, being a huge sports fan, I also love anything that has to do with fantasy games.  To use that... Read more »

The ROI on Buying A Guy A Beer During March Madness Is High

March Madness – by far my favorite time of the year!  Let’s take a look back  at a post from last year that is as true today as it was back then. FREE BEER gets dates.  It just does.  And March Madness makes it that much easier.  Guys have been doing this for years.  Buying... Read more »

Every Rose Has Its Thorn, And I Mean Every One

We walked into the bar near the arena after the Maroon 5 concert on a Wednesday night, quickly scanned the room and spotted a table of three who looked like they were paying their tabs.  Before we could make our way over there, a guy came over to ask if we needed a table. “I... Read more »

You May Be Worthy of Oscars, But I'm Worthy Too

Despite what US Weekly reports, celebrities aren’t actually “just like us”.  They may go to parties and eat at The Waffle House, but it’s not the same.  They make you step up your game, and that’s what I loved about attending a celebrity party during Super Bowl weekend a few weeks ago in Arizona.  Well,... Read more »

A Valentine's Day 'Wheel of Men' Revealed Who They Truly Were

A Wheel of Men.  Not pictures of men on a wheel.  Actual men sitting on a wheel.  In a bar.  On Valentine’s Day/Weekend.  A merry-go-round with eight guys and a line of single women taking their turn spinning this 1000-pound contraption.  It took a minute to take it all in, but they didn’t really give... Read more »

Thanks to Blue Bloods I've Become A Dating Detective

When I was out with a girl friend a couple of weeks ago, we were at the same bar, but as we were getting ready to leave, it seemed like we were in two completely different worlds.  We were in the back of the bar and my back was to the door, so there were... Read more »

Even Though I Won't Be Dating His Friends, They Factor Into The Dating Equation

“Don’t leave!” the random guys pleaded as we walked by. “Sit with us.” “I’ll get you a chair, lovely lady,” one guy said to my friend. “Oh, I can get one for you too,” he said when he finally noticed me. This is what happens when you go the bar with a tall blonde.  But... Read more »

I Used To Buy Beer To Get A Date; Now I Get The Date And Free Pizza

Last year was exhausting.  I talked to just about every guy who I thought might be someone I would like to date.  I chatted up the girl friends in the group to get “in”.  I bought beer to figure out who the single guys were in a crowded bar.  I never wanted to miss an... Read more »