If Age Is A Deal Breaker, Maybe I Can Meet Someone At The Max

Age can be a deal breaker for me, especially when the guy is younger than me. Not because I’m like, ya know, supes mature, but because the conversation doesn’t really click. Things we like to do or talk about sync with our age, which really became apparent over the last few years when all of... Read more »

Survey Says, Tinder Makes Us Picky, And A Little Cranky Too

Not everyone loves Tinder. Some are scared. Some have been dissed. Some message for months and never meet up. But I love it. I joined almost a year ago on my 40th birthday and have been entertained ever since. Good or bad, Tinder gives you a chance to meet someone. It just depends on the... Read more »

Jimmy Fallon's Worst First Dates Are Better Than No Dates At All

At least you had a date. It doesn’t matter if it’s awesome or a disaster, going on a date is a good thing. When I saw Jimmy Fallon’s #WorstFirstDates I hoped people wouldn’t be discouraged by a bad experience or two. It’s good to laugh at the situation, but we don’t need to laugh at... Read more »

If You Always Swipe Right You Might Just Meet Someone On Tinder

When a friend invited me to a fancy dinner with her successful, married friends, I wasn’t expecting to learn something new about Tinder. As the only two single people at the table, the conversation usually comes around to “why aren’t either of you married yet?”  It’s usually accompanied by a compliment because through our conversations... Read more »

Cubs Opening Day: Won't Work For Dates

“You know how you can tell your girlfriend is a Cubs’ fan? She never expects a ring!” I wasn’t even through the entrance of the Phoenix Open in February when the shouting began. I was wearing a Cubs shirt, so comments were coming from Cubs fans, Cardinals fans and everyone in between. So many dudes... Read more »

A Horrifying Message on Tinder; Or Maybe It Was a Compliment

“Hope it doesn’t completely horrify you.” My first instinct was that if you need to follow up a message with a sentence like that, it might be best not to send it in the first place. Then, I thought, maybe it was meant as a compliment, which some of my friends agreed with that idea.... Read more »

Super Bowl Commercial Flight Loses The Dating Game

I accidentally started a tradition of watching the Super Bowl 30,000 feet in the air with 175 strangers. For the last three years, I’ve attended the Phoenix Open where I bask in the sun as long as possible on Sunday before taking an evening flight back to the chilly Midwest. Even when the Super Bowl... Read more »

Gotta Look Good, Even For The Early Flight On Southwest Airlines

When I’m headed somewhere warm, I get on the earliest flight possible so I can make the most of the day and hopefully avoid any potential flight delays. On Saturday, that meant the 6 am flight to Florida. Even though it’s early, I still shower and get ready as if I was going out to... Read more »

New Year's Resolutions That Will Make Dating Even More Fun

I wrapped up 2015 with an open holiday letter to all the single ladies that I wrote with three of my friends who had similar stories to share last year. We all celebrated milestone birthdays alone, and loved it. While we made other people feel uncomfortable when we told them, “Today is my birthday” when sitting... Read more »

An Open Holiday Letter To All The Single Ladies

Open Holiday Letter To Single Ladies: Avoiding eye contact. Palms sweating. Stumbling over words. This isn’t someone who is nervous before a presentation or scared as they wait for a blind date. It’s just my life. When I ask for a table for one.  When I purchase one movie ticket.  Or enter an arena by... Read more »