Tell Your Story Like A Super Bowl Commercial

Thirty, sixty, ninety seconds. That’s all the time these companies used to have to run their Super Bowl commercials. Now they leak the spots early or do gimmicks on social media to extend the reach. They use humor or pull at the heart strings to get your attention. The commercials that tell the best stories... Read more »

Outsource Dating Tasks You Hate To Get A Date

I am obsessed with podcasts. Julie Solomon, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Hyatt. You name it, I probably listen to it. But the one that I’ve listened to ALL 195 episodes of … Amy Porterfield. Driving to work. Working out. Walking to meet friends. Roadtrips. Ob. Sessed. Her Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast helps me with my... Read more »

Wishes Are Great, But SMART Goals Actually Make Them Happen

Last week, I was listening to a presentation where the first power point slide laid out the goal of the project. Or what they thought was a goal. If this was someone presenting his/her dating goal to me in that same way I would tell them they are sharing their hopes, dreams and wishes. And... Read more »
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How A Meal Prep Plan Can Guide Your Dating Blueprint

Every year I hear people making the same resolutions: save money and lose weight. In fact, these are always at the top of the list in every survey … with a success rate around 9%. Some lists include going on more dates, so to be one of those success stories, you need to have a... Read more »

Dating New Year's Resolutions Actually Make Dating Fun

Every part of my life starts with a goal. It not only keeps me on track, but it keeps me from wasting time, money, energy, etc. And that then keeps me from getting frustrated, especially in dating. Once I figured out what I really wanted to go after in the new year, I made it... Read more »

Seth Godin Reminds Us The Little Things Add Up To Landing Big Dates

Seth Godin is my man. In 2014, I declared that Seth Godin will marry me. Last year, I actually met Seth Godin randomly when I was walking home after a workout, and I was so excited that I could barely speak. I can always count on Seth Godin, especially with his blog because he posts... Read more »

What You Wear Creates the First Impression for Getting a Date

Packaging. What you’re wearing can be just as important as what you say. I would rather be overdressed than underdressed in any situation. Not only does looking nice give me confidence, but it means I’m always ready to meet someone. Last weekend, I checked a sporting event off my bucket list when I went to... Read more »

How Many Cartwheels Are Too Many for a First Date?

One. It turns out that it’s just one. And it wasn’t even my date. Over the last ten days, it’s been raining men for one of my best friends who has gone on three first dates over that time, and was talking with a fourth guy. Two of these guys even got second dates, and... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid of Single People! Bumble Bizz Will Grow Your Networks

Years ago, I got paid $10 an hour to eavesdrop. It was even more awkward than it sounds. Roaming around the room listening to dozens of people on first dates. It felt like the conversations would never end, but in reality, each date was only three minutes long. Over and over. I thought picking up... Read more »

Skip The Small Talk - Throw Beer on Ice for the Ultimate Icebreaker

If I knew they were single, I would talk to them. I hear that just about every time I’m encouraging my friends to talk to a stranger when we’re out. And while I call B.S. on them, this does seem to be one of the biggest barriers for striking up a conversation with someone you... Read more »