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8/8/88: Cubs Opening Night At Wrigley Field

8/8/88:  Cubs Opening Night At Wrigley Field
August 8, 1988. Chicago Cubs vs Philadelphia Phillies. First home night game in Cubs history. Twenty eight years ago tonight, the Cubs and Phillies tried to play a night game at Wrigley Field. Doesn’t sound so unusual now but for many decades Wrigley Field was the home for day baseball. When you’re a kid, you... Read more »

My Favorite Wrigley Field Concerts

7. Jimmy Buffett in 2005. He was the first performer to play at Wrigley and Jimmy gets credit for that. that Jimmy or Jason Heyward?
The summer concert season is underway. Since 2005, Wrigley Field has featured a few concerts each summer, when the Cubs are on road trips. I’ve been fairly critical of their choices of performers because they’ve been mostly bland, mainstream artists. For example, the Elton John/Billy Joel “Face to Face” tour not only made them seem... Read more »

Billy Joel Plays Wrigley Field....Again

Yawnnnnn. I wasn’t expecting much from this concert and I got what I expected. ┬áBilly Joel made his second concert appearance at Wrigley Field last night. The first was a few years ago as part of a tour with Elton John. The two great pianists played together, helped on each other’s songs and even did... Read more »
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