At a White House bi-partisan meeting on Daca, our current President called Haiti and other African countries "Shithole countries."
Naturally he denied it and was backed up by supporters who suck up to him on anything, while others including Dick Durbin said the reports are true.
I believe Durbin because of the fool me once thing but that's not the point. We all know he believes it. The reactions are more interesting. Most media outlets used ** to quote what he said because they never had a President talk like that least in public. Then there were the reactions that this is the worst thing they've ever heard from a sitting President and it's time for impeachment. Folks...ain't gonna happen. Yeah, his thoughts and words are disgusting but we haven't reached rock bottom yet. The only way he's going to be impeached is if the Democrats take the House in November and even then the chances of his being convicted and evicted by the Senate are nil. DAMN!!
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