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Joss Stone: Pictures and Songs

Her first album "The Soul Sessions" in 2003. Joss was just 16 years old.
Last week Joss Stone gave an outstanding performance at Ravinia. Today we’ll look at her young career in pictures and songs.

Joss Stone: Barefoot and Soulful

 The summer concert season is coming to an end, especially in the midwest. On a cold and damp Wednesday night, Joss Stone warmed up the crowd. She put on a spectacular show at Ravinia, in north subrban Highland Park, Illinois. Besides her voice, which I heard one person compare to Judy Garland, she immediately establishes... Read more »

Seven Songs For Labor Day

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The Beatles- A Hard Days Night. Long nights in the early days for the worlds most popular band.
Happy Labor Day 2014. There are hundreds of songs about the work experience, both good and bad. Sit back…open a beverage of your choice and enjoy some tunes. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

What Happened To The Robert Palmer Girls

A few days ago I was talking to a 22 year old acquaintance. He was dressed in a very nice black suit and a stylish tie. I told him all he needed to go with the outfit were The Robert Palmer Girls. He gave me a WTF look. He didn’t know the girls. He didn’t... Read more »

The Ten Greatest Living Guitarists

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10. Eddie Van Halen. I'm not a big fan of the band but you can't deny his talent. He can do some pretty nifty tricks on his guitar.
In honor of going to see Jeff Beck this coming week, I’ve had a two part series about the greatest guitar players. Yesterday looked at the ones who passed on. Today features the greatest living players. The ones who just missed are damn great players. Honorable mention to Buddy Guy, Ry Cooder, Jack White, Slash,... Read more »

The Ten Greatest Dead Guitarist

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10. George Harrison. He played lead on some of the greatest records in music history.
Next week I’m going to a Jeff Beck concert. I’ve had three people tell me that he’s in their list as a top 5 guitarist. I thought I’d look at that a little closer. I’ve separated them into two list….The guitarists who have passed on and tomorrow we’ll look at the greatest living players. There... Read more »

10 Favorite Musical Movies

That Thing You Do-1994Tom Hanks and Tom Everett Scott in a film about a one hit Wonder band. Catchy title tune the first hundred times it's played.
With last weeks release of “Get On Up, the James Brown bio-pic, it’s time to take a look at the best of other movies with a musical theme.

Neil Young, Roger Waters and The Musical Boycott of Israel

Last week Neil Young was scheduled to play a concert in Tel Aviv. The show was cancelled due to the continuing conflict in the region. The reports still differ as to who cancelled the show, Young or the government, but it was done because it was thought to be too big a target for Hamas... Read more »

Why Are Wrigley Field Concerts So Bland?

 The Chicago Cubs are a pretty conservative organization. A lot of people, including some of their own fans, feel making money is a higher priority than winning. Since 2005, the Cubs have had concerts at Wrigley Field. Is their philosphy for musicial entertainment the same as for their baseball business? The ownership groups of the... Read more »

Seven Songs I Wish I Had Written

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Dave Brubeck " Take Five" This song is 55 years old and is still as cool as it was in 1959.
There was a ton of music in Chicago this past weekend. Among the shows were Billy Joel and Blake Shelton at Wrigley, three nights of Phish, Crosby, Stills & Nash at Ravinia and numerous artists at Pitchfork. We haven’t reached August yet so we still have more than a month of great music for the... Read more »
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