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John Lennon, Mick Jagger and the circle of life

John Lennon, Mick Jagger and the circle of life
December 8th. It’s always a tough day. You can’t help but think and maybe obsess about John Lennon on this day. It’s the anniversary of his assassination and I tend to do the latter. I usually spend some…okay a lot…okay okay all of it listening to Beatles music. I know, not a lot different than... Read more »

My seven step program for getting over the election

1. Ice cream. I did say I've been eating a lot of junk but comfort food is good. Moderation is the key. I'm working on that.
I’m Down. I’m really down. I’m down. Down on the ground. How can you laugh when you know I’m down? How can you laugh? I’ve had a tough week. I admit I’m not handling the election results well. I took it very personally. I may be understating that. I’m handling the results bad…really bad…really fucking... Read more »

Why The Beatles Mean So Much To Me

Why The Beatles Mean So Much To Me
Hey kids! It’s Blogapolooz night. What?! You’re thinking didn’t you just do one yesterday? Well yeah, we did but this is the night time version. Just think of it like The Price Is Right, where they have a day and night show. They still do that don’t they? Anyway…tonight’s topic is “Pick a song (or songs)... Read more »

Trump, Clinton, The Biased Media and Us: Songs For A Crazy Election

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Hard to believe but in about two weeks either Clinton or Trump will be "Elected".
Maybe we can vote Alice Cooper in instead?
Nineteen days left. Only nineteen crazy days. Doesn’t matter what side you’re supporting, this election cycle is driving you a little crazy. Okay…more than a little crazy. For more than a year, something strange happens every day. As much as you try, you can’t avoid it. This morning my blogger bud MBA Mom sent me... Read more »

On the 50th anniversary of Revolver: The Beatles albums ranked from worst to best

13. Yellow Submarine.
The soundtrack to the movie has some good songs, including the title track, but it's mostly filler.
Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles album Revolver. Whenever a classic album or song hits a milestone, you can find lots of lists rating the recording against other albums or songs. On most lists of Beatles albums, Revolver comes in very high; sometimes in the first or second spot. I... Read more »

Music 2016: Six months of death and destruction

Frank Sinatra Jr. 
The son of old blue eyes died of a heart attack on March 16.
We’re a couple of weeks past the halfway point of the year. If it seems that there has been a lot of legends of the music world checking out permanently, you’d be right. I usually do a death in music blog every year. There’s been enough dying that we can do a post at now... Read more »

It Was 35 Years Ago Today: The Murder Of John Lennon

It Was 35 Years Ago Today: The Murder Of John Lennon
There are places I remember All my life though some have changed Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain All these places have their moments With lovers and friends I still can recall Some are dead and some are living In my life I’ve loved them all There are moments you’ll... Read more »

The worst Beatles cover songs

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9. Tiffany-"I Saw Him Standing There"- Hard to believe there are eight songs worse than this. The version I did with my brother at Oakton Manor in 1964 was much better than this.
Last weekend I gave you the Best Beatles Cover tunes. Let’s take the opposite approach today. Here are the worst Beatle Covers….I’m shuddering as I write that. Trust me, they’re really bad! See….told you they were pretty bad. If you have any that are worse, let me know.   This weekend Ringo auctioned off a... Read more »

Ringo Starr Auctions His Memorabilia

Ringo with his wife Barbara Bach. He's not auctioning her off.
There’s a trend towards downsizing when we get older. You get rid of a lot of things you really don’t need. Imagine you’re legendary drummer Ringo Starr? Imagine getting your hands on some of his memorabilia? You had your chance this week as Ringo auctioned off over 800 pieces he accumulated over his five decades... Read more »

The Ten Best Beatles Cover Songs

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10. Earth, Wind & Fire- "Got To Get You Into My Life"
Friday night, I went with my friend and fellow blogger, PlanetMichelle, to see a Steely Dan tribute band called Deacon Blues. I’ve never been much on cover or tribute bands. The originals are almost always the best. But…… If you’re a baby boomer and a fan of the music of the 60’s-70’s, a lot of... Read more »
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