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I'd Love To Sleep With The Fishes

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The Beatles- I'm So Tired.
Welcome to Chicago Now’s Blogapolooz-hour (sucking up to Jimmy G.). Each month there’s a topic and we get an hour to write about it. Tonight’s topic “ “Write about sleep and the impact it has on your life now or at any point in your life.” Good thing I woke up from a nap to do... Read more »

It Was 50 Years Ago Today: The Beatles Play Comiskey Park

This is a ticket for the 8 pm show. $4.50 is the middle priced ticket.
Comiskey Park was home to the Chicago White Sox from 1910 through 1990. 1965 was a pretty good year for the Sox. They finished second in the American League to the Minnesota Twins. But the highlight at Comiskey for that year was two shows by The Beatles. That happened fifty years ago today….August 20, 1965.... Read more »

I'm Not Losing A Daughter...Well, Yeah I Really Am

I'm Not Losing A Daughter...Well, Yeah I Really Am
It really happened. My daughter is now married. It was a beautiful day and weekend. It was also very emotionally draining. I hear that’s the way it’s suppose to be and I’m not a real wuss. Okay…maybe both. We’ve known this day has been coming for about a year and still it’s more than a... Read more »

The List: Ten Songs About Weddings and Marriage

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The Dixie Cups- "Chapel of Love". A song from my youth. We're going to the Chapel and we're gonna get married. Romantic!!
My youngest daughter is getting married a week from today. OMG ONE WEEK!! Yeah…I’m freaking out more than a little about this…and more on that in a couple of days. What do I do when I freak? Well there’s always Valium but besides that I play music and it makes me feel better. Hmmm… maybe... Read more »

Lollapalooza 2015: Day One Choices

St. Paul and the Broken Bones.
My favorite newer band. The soul of an Otis Redding with the horns sound of Memphis. These guys from Alabama already played a pre Lolla show last night and I look for them to be one of the biggest names in music within the next few years.
Lollapalooza 2015 hits Chicago’s Grant Park this weekend. Lots of music. Lots of sun. Lots of people with about 300, 000 expected! As Max Yasgur said at Woodstock “It’s three days of fun and music and nothing but fun and music.” There are fifty performers playing on opening day so here are recommendation with my... Read more »

What do the Stones, The Supreme Court, Robin Williams and The Dead have in common?

The Rolling Stone have been touring again. The reviews have been great. No sign of stopping. This won't be their finale.
The dude in the picture is Keith Richards. He's 71 years old. After a life of debauchery, he looks better than ever. He wants to keep touring and make a new studio record. How did this happen? How is he looking better than almost everyone in my age range? We all thought he'd be dead by now! Hmm...better living through heroin and alcohol or maybe it helps to be married to a super-model?
The answer to the title question really is nothing. It’s just that my blog has been on a little rest and relaxation vacation and I’m combining them and a couple other things into one posting. Kind of a tease, right…but we’ll see how it turns out. Here’s what has been going on the last couple... Read more »

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me..When I'm 64 Minus One

Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me..When I'm 64 Minus One
When I get older losing my hair Many years from now. Damn…those many years are right now. Been losing the hair for a long time. Could be worse…all the hair could be gone. Hell…could be a lot worse than just the hair. Will you still be sending me a valentine Birthday greeting, bottle of wine.... Read more »

Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and The Influence Of Sgt. Pepper's

Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and The Influence Of Sgt. Pepper's
The date is June 4, 1967. The place is the Saville Theater, in London. In the audience that night are Paul McCartney and George Harrison of The Beatles. This is what they saw…. The video is Jimi Hendrix playing “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. That wouldn’t be so unusual except The Beatles recording of... Read more »

Melanoma Awareness Month Ends Today

This is exactly what the Melanoma mole on my back looked like. I was lucky to find it early and get it taken care of quickly. Mine was less than Stage 1....but it's still Cancer.
Today is the last day for Skin Cancer/Melanoma Awareness Month 2015……phew! I feel like I’ve been beating you up with advice on how to avoid Melanoma but it really is important. There are things you can do to reduce your chances of getting it. Pretty simple stuff, too. I’ll show you what to do with... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day: A Gallery In Pictures And Songs

My Mother, Lynn
Happy Mother’s Day 2015! It’s a holiday that brings up a wide range of emotions depending on your relationship with Mom. But whatever your feelings about Mom’s Day…here’s some music and pics. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom…sorry your not here to enjoy it.   Last Father’s Day, I made a similar Gallery for my Dad.... Read more »
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