It pays to have been married to Dr. Dre

It pays to have been married to Dr. Dre

Divorce ain't easy.

For the average family, it's hard to maintain one household. Even with two adults working, normal everyday life is a constant struggle. What happens when divorce enters the picture? Besides the emotional pain, you now have to try to manage two homes on the same salary?

For folks with lots of money, their issues are different.

Meet Andre Young. You know him better as a business mogul and music legend Dr. Dre. Between his rap group N.W.A., producing other music artists, endorsements with Coors Light, Dr. Pepper, and Chrysler and mostly from his ownership and the sale of his headphone company Beats, to Apple, Dre's estimated net worth is more than eight hundred million dollars. That's right, $800,000,000. In the rap world, only Jay Z is worth more cash.

For the last twenty-four years, Dr. Dre/Andre has been married to Nicole. They're now separated and headed for a divorce. Nicole has asked for almost two million dollars in support...A MONTH!!! You're probably asking yourself why she needs that much money? I know I did....and then I saw her detailed list of needs. According to TMZ, this is what Nicole needs to function every single month. Let me break it down for you:

Laundry and cleaning-$10,000
Education (tuition and living expenses)-$60,000
Charitable contributions-$125,000
Telephone, cell phone and email-$20,000

Hmmm...let's see if can make any sense of this:

We'll start with the clothes. I'm not sure what kind of outfits costs more than 100K each month, but if you're really spending that kind of money on threads, then I guess the ten thousand bucks to keep them clean makes some sense. We'll give her a pass on this one.
The mortgage is next. The Dre family has a forty million dollar mansion in Brentwood, California. The home formerly belonged to Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen. The house is almost 10,000 square feet and among its amenities are a moat, multiple terraces and an infinity pool. Okay, I guess if your crib cost forty million, a one hundred thousand dollar mortgage might be right.

But, let's tackle the items that sound a bit much:

Twenty thousand each month for a phone and email? C'mon Nicole! My cell phone is less than $50 for unlimited everything...even data! And Nicole, did you know e-mail can be found for free?!! Seriously, try G-Mail, Yahoo, or even old school it with AOL. I know the dude is worth 800 million, but don't nickel and dime him over e-mail.

Here's the one that gets me....almost one million dollars each month for entertainment. Seriously, what do you do for fun that can possibly cost that much? Private planes to Vegas every night and while staying in a top of the line suite? Vacations at the most exotic locations in the world? Season tickets to every sports teams in Los Angeles? I haven't done the math, but I think doing all of these things in a month would cost under a million dollars.

I can't say for sure, but you think Nicole might be a little spoiled?

Like I said at the top, divorce ain't easy, but a two million dollar a month settlement makes it a little easier.

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