Can I deduct a haircut from my taxes?

Can I deduct a haircut from my taxes?

The failing New York Times published an expose concerning Donald Trump's taxes. Actually, it was more about his lack of taxes. In recent years, he's paid either $0 or $750 to the feds. Trump is either a tax cheat or he has the craftiest tax lawyers in America. I leave that for you to decide.

Yeah, this will be a talking point for a couple of days and then we'll move on to whatever is the next scandal. You don't really think this will drive his supporters away from him, do you? You don't really think this is finally the deal breaker, do you? Phew! I'm happy to hear that no one is that naive.

There is one thing in the story caught my eye and piqued my interest. Trump claimed a deduction of $70,000 for hairstyling. SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! You'd think for that amount of cash his hair would look better...a lot better. I guess he should have called Vidal Sassoon. You know...when you look good, we look good!

Talking about looking good, I took a peek in the mirror this morning. I noticed that my hair is a bit unruly. Okay, maybe more than a little. I'm not sure how it got that way. I swear I recently had a haircut. Then, I remembered recently was actually in June. Three months ago. That's so #2020.

I was going to wait another month before getting another haircut. I wanted it to get completely over my ears. Throwback look to the 60's-70's. But, now that I know you can deduct hair styling from your taxes, I'm having second thoughts.

If I cut it this week, I'll probably need another haircut in December. Doing the math, that will be four haircuts in 2020.At fifteen dollars a pop, that's sixty dollars I can claim for the year!


Hmmmm....with savings like this, I can give my stylist for a righteous tip! Does five bucks sound good?

So I'm off to my local Supercuts. Then I'm going to think about taxes for 2020. Does anyone have the phone number for Donald's tax attorney?

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