Is Eric Trump really as dumb as SNL portrays him?

Is Eric Trump really as dumb as SNL portrays him?

Eric Trump has been my favorite of Don's children. I don't count Tiffany and we media types aren't suppose to acknowledge the little boy living on Pennsylvania Avenue, so I only consider the first three for my ratings.

Eric isn't as blatant about his greed as his sister, Ivanka, who has made more than one hundred million dollars while holding a government position in daddy's administration. He stays out of the limelight more than his brother Don Jr., who thinks he's a powerful celebrity because he has the same name as his father. So while it may be by default, Eric gets my top spot among the Trump offspring.

I also think that at one time, Eric had a good heart and cared about other people besides himself. It was his idea to start the children's cancer charity. Apparently Eric realized he was living a charmed life. He knew he was born on third base and it wasn't his triple that got him there. The charity was his way to give back to humanity. It was doing great work, too...until dad got involved. Don saw a way to make money off sick and dying children. As usual, with Donald Trump greed takes precedent over everything.

Saturday Night Live has been doing political humor for more than four decades. No one is off limits. The adult children of politicians are fair game, especially if they are in the public eye and involved even slightly in politics. That describes the Trump children to a tee. For the last few seasons, the Trump brothers have been making regular appearances during the Weekend Update segment. Mikey Day plays slick big brother Don Jr. to Alex Moffat as child-like Eric. The portrayals are way over the top, especially Eric, who is almost always acting like a not so bright first grader. We've seen scenes such as Eric intrigued while playing with a fidget spinner and also trying to color between the lines. Word on the street is Eric isn't too happy with how he's being played....and can you really blame him? He can't really be as dumb as SNL makes him out to be, right? After all, the dude has a degree in business and finance from Georgetown University, where he graduated with honors. You don't get that playing with a fidget spinner for four years!

That brings us to Thursday. The FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell, the associate and madame for the late Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell was charged with sexual abuse of minors, as well as perjury. The FBI has been searching for her for a year and finally found her hiding out in an estate in New Hampshire. It was a good day for justice.

The good day for justice quickly turned into a bad day for Eric Trump. Epstein and Maxwell were known to hobnob with the rich and famous. It doesn't get more famous than the Clinton's. Eric found a photo of Bill walking his daughter Chelsea down the aisle on her wedding day. Looking on, with a red circle around her head, is Ghislaine Maxwell. Eric couldn't help himself and tweeted out the photo with his caption:
"Birds of a feather"  

Oh My....what could possibly go wrong with that tweet?

Apparently Eric didn't know that his dad also had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein? Hell, we've all seen the quote to New York Magazine from 2002:

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Eric had to know about this, didn't he? He couldn't be that dumb, could he? And to make it worse, immediately after posting his tweet came the responses. Multiple photos of daddy with Epstein and Maxwell. Even Donald's new BFF George Conway tweeted a photo of them together, with the question, "Why would he tweet this?" Eric, you want to answer that? You had to know these pictures existed? So, why Eric, why? You can't be that dumb, can you?

It's a good thing SNL is on hiatus for the least for Eric Trump. If they weren't, you know that Don Jr. and Eric would be making a 4th of July visit to Weekend Update. You know they'd be playing this up big. Fake Eric would be spinning that fidget thingy hard. He'd have it moving in overdrive!

SNL isn't due to return until late September. By then, this story will be long forgotten. We'll be on to whatever is the next big news item. But if Eric Trump continues to act like he did on Thursday, I'm sure we'll see him again on SNL. Keep that fidget spinner ready.

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