It's scarier than usual to work in Donald Trump's White House

It's scarier than usual to work in Donald Trump's White House

Meet Katie Miller. Since October of last year, she's been the press secretary for Vice-President Mike Pence. Because of her job, she's tied to the hip of the VP. Whatever he's doing...and no one really knows what that is....she's there, right by his side. Last week, Katie Miller tested positive for Covid-19. It's another case of the disease that has infiltrated the White House

What happens when someone you've been in contact with tests positive? It's self-quarantine time! Fourteen days of taking yourself out of public. Fourteen days of getting away from people. Fourteen days of trying to keep the people closest to you safe and healthy. It's not that tough. It's only two weeks. Two short weeks.

Three of the members on the coronavirus task force have done that. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Robert Redfield and Stephen Hahn have all gone into self-quarantine. All have tested negative, and will continue to work from their homes, but better safe than sorry. Why risk anyone's health if not necessary.

But guess who is back at work today? MIKE PENCE!!!

Yes, the person who works the closest to a person who has tested positive for the virus doesn't feel it's necessary to quarantine himself. The decision shouldn't surprise anyone. This is a guy who felt it was fine not to wear a mask when he visited the Mayo Clinic. At a time where the entire world is told to practice social distancing and to wear masks in public, Mike Pence feels it's not necessary for him to follow these simple guidelines. He's above all this. Privilege!

It's easy to dis on Pence for this, but you know he's taking his marching orders from the man directly above him. He sees what Donald Trump says and does, and Pence follows him like the good little lackey that he is. Anything to stay on the presidential ticket this November. Anything to avoid going back home to Indiana.

However, we've heard that the White House isn't all that calm about the disease that is infiltrating its building. Trump threw one of his infamous hissy fits when he found out that one of his personal valets tested positive for Covid-19. He expected his staff to protect him at all costs. Apparently that's what kings do. They put themselves above the people working for them...way above.

Other staff members are speaking out. Kevin Hassett is a top economic adviser to Trump. Sunday, on the CBS news program "Face the Nation", he said:

"I think I'd be a lot safer if I was sitting at home than I would be going to the West Wing. It's a little bit risky"

Hassett followed up by saying he needed to serve the nation. What he really meant was he had to keep coming in to serve Trump. Not doing so would be a sign of weakness. None of that in Trump's White House.

These are scary times in America. People are on constant edge about multiple issues. They get reassurance from their leaders. We want to know that they're doing the right things so we can follow their lead. Americans will see what Pence is doing and think if it's safe for him, it must be safe for us. Mike Pence not going into self-quarantine puts people at risk.

The Donald Trump White House has been a scary place the last three-plus years. This weekend it became even scarier.

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