Is there double jeopardy for impeachment?

Is there double jeopardy for impeachment?

"I believe the president has learned from this case. The president has been impeached. That's a pretty big lesson."

Those are the words that Maine Senator Susan Collins told CBS Evening News anchor Nora O'Donnell right before she voted not to convict Donald Trump in the Senate's impeachment trial. She honestly felt Trump was going to change his ways....or as honestly as Susan Collins gets.

It's been less than two weeks since she spoke those words. Let's see if he's learned his lesson or anything from being impeached:

He fired Alexander Vindman from his post on the National Security Council. He fired Gordon Sondland from his post as the Ambassador to the European Union. Both testified against him in the House of Representatives impeachment hearings. Oh yeah...for good measure, he also fired Yevgeny Vindman, The reason for that firing was family. He's the twin brother of Alex. The firings are all about vindictiveness and retaliation. It's as simple as that.

Remember when Bill Clinton met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport runway in 2016? Remember the outrage? Our current President decided to do him one better. Emboldened by his victory in the Senate, Trump gets involved in the criminal justice system. His bff Roger Stone is scheduled to be sentenced this coming week. The prosecutors on the case recommended seven to nine years in prison. Those are within what's suggested by federal guidelines. Don went nuts! Everyone involved in the case was prejudiced against him and Stone. He went after the prosecutors, the Justice department, the trial judge and the jury foreman. Do you think they're all never-Trumpers?

His other bff Bill Barr, and don't believe for a minute what you heard in Barr's ABC news interview, picks up on this and voids the sentence recommendation. This causes the four prosecuting attorneys to resign from the of them quits the department entirely.

If it was just this at Justice, it would be real bad, but there's more, because with Donald Trump there's always more. He now has Barr supervising and intervening on every case involving Trump and/or one of his associates. They've also set up special channels to deal with the information from Rudy Giuliani and his operation in Ukraine.

The Justice Department has lost its independence from the executive branch. The morale there is now at an all-time low. Career lawyers, who can make much more money in private practice, are making tough life decisions on whether to stay or leave.

All of this is because of one person....Donald Trump.  It's hard to imagine what is coming next. Every time we think he's hit rock bottom, he finds a way to make that bottom position lower.

It has to end...NOW! Yeah, I know the election is in November. That's nine months from now. Are we content to let Trump hurt the United States for another nine months? Imagine the amount of damage he can do in that time?

We need to strike back at Donald Trump and do it hard. Hit him with something that pains him the most...his ego. We've heard reports about how much it hurt him to be impeached. He was linked in history with Bill Clinton. That had to reach deep into his soul as a human. What can be done that's worse?

Impeach Donald Trump again!

Before Don, only two presidents had been impeached. So three out of forty-five is a stain on your administration that will live forever. But, can you imagine what would be like to have been impeached twice? Every time his name is mentioned, they'll be leading with this...the only two-time impeached President of the United States. That will live on long after he dies. Quite the legacy!

Today is President's Day in the United States of America. It's the day we honor George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other patriots who have led our nation. Donald Trump is a stain on the office that we celebrate this day. He ruins the reputations of Washington and Lincoln, as well as every citizen of our country. We need to make a big gesture to regain that reputation. A second impeachment would be that gesture.

So Nancy, Adam, Jerry and all the rest of you House bigwigs, let's get to it. Besides the things I mentioned, you have plenty of other instances where Don has abused the constitution. Make it happen. The sooner the better!

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