Is Trumpy Bear a real thing?

Is Trumpy Bear a real thing?

It's the final day of the impeachment questions. Same old, same old. Ted Cruz acting like he's the smartest guy in the room...and failing, Susan Collins acting like she cares, Alan Dershowitz apparently lost his mind as well as his pants when he got a massage at Epstein's Island and Rand Paul outing the Whistleblower....btw, it's amazing that someone doesn't beat up Rand every day. See...told you same old, same old. It's tough to watch all day, especially when you know the outcome. Sometimes you need a break....a big break.

I started flicking through the channels. With approximately three hundred choices, you should be able to find something, right? Hey, look at's "The Office."

It's one of the latter shows. Michael has moved to Colorado to be with Holly, Andy is running the office and in love with Erin and Jim and Pam are married. The early ones are better, but I'm not heading back D.C., not anytime soon.

After a few minutes it's commercial time. Normally, I'd ignore it, but this one caught my eye. It's a stuffed teddy bear that looks like Donald Trump. The damn thing even has hair like the Donald. That ad has a bit where a Trump supporting biker dude has one and places it on his motorcycle. Then you see a bear in a house, sitting on an easy chair. Those eyes and that hair are looking through the television screen, peering intensely at you. Let me tell you kids, it's creepy.....creepy AF!!!

Finally the good can have a Trumpy Bear of your own for two easy payments of $19.95. Oh goody! Let me run and get my credit card!

The commercial came to an end. I'm sitting in my chair and the words that came out of my mouth were "What the fuck was that? "   And I was alone. No one could hear the screams leaving my body.

I did have two questions:
1. Is the real or satire?
2. If it's a real thing, does the money go to Trump?

I have to think it's a real thing. You wouldn't pay for commercial time for a joke, would you? As for the money, the Trumps could use it. It helps after the failures of Trump University, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, etc. ,

I suppose I could find out about all of this. It takes a simple Google search. Just plug in Trump Bear and voila....all the information you could ever want. The thing is I really don't want to know anymore. It scares me just a little...okay more than a little. I think I'm better off not knowing. I think I'll head back to Impeachment-land. It's got to be less surreal than this.

"Mr. Chief Justice, I have a question from Senator Rubio, Senator Lee, Senator Scott, Senator Kennedy, Senator Johnson, Senator Graham and myself." 

Oh my took seven of you idiots to ask  a single question?!! SMH!!! I may need that Trumpy Bear after all.

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