"Who" by The Who: All this music will not fade

"Who" by The Who: All this music will not fade

I don't care
I know you're gonna hate this song
And that's fair
We never really got along

Back in the 1960's, Pete Townshend wrote the famous words "I hope I die before I get old." He didn't mean it literally. Townshend meant that he hoped he would continue to evolve as he grew older. He didn't want to become stale. He hoped he'd die before that ever occurred. Pete has nothing to worry about. Yes, he's already old, but he still evolving.

The Who released their latest album, "Who", on Friday. It's their first recording of new music in thirteen years. You may be wondering why now after all this time? Townshend has been watching musical acts from his generation going on the road and playing their greatest hits. He wanted some new music to keep himself and his audience interested, hence "Who."

As for the album, the most interesting thing about is the way it was recorded. Townshend and lead singer Roger Daltrey recorded their parts separately. Pete and his fellow musicians would record the music; then they send the tracks to Daltrey to put on the vocals. Hmmm...sounds weird, but that's the way they've been living their lives while on tour, staying in different hotels, so why not do the album the same way? Whatever works.

The record is made for Who fans from the classic rock era. If you liked the band in the old days, you'll like this album. It's not groundbreaking music like "Tommy" or "Quadrophenia." I haven't found any anthems like "Won't Get Fooled Again" or "Baba O'Riley" from "Who's Next"...nothing close. But the guitars from Townshend are solid and Daltrey's vocals are strong.

If you're from later generations or are new to The Who's music, you'll probably think ehhhh....nothing special here. Even Townshend acknowledges that in his lyrics. The words at the top are the first ones heard on the record from the opening song, "All This Music Must Fade." But maybe they're meant for Daltrey, describing both their personal and musical relationship. Who really knows with Pete, but in either case the lyrics fit.

Will this be the final album of new music from The Who? Considering that the band has only put out albums since drummer Keith Moon died in 1978 and that Townshend and Daltrey are now seventy-four and seventy-five years old, chances are good this is the finale. If that the case, congrats to Pete Townshend. He didn't die before he got old.

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