Will Donald Trump leave the White House if he's convicted by the Senate?

Will Donald Trump leave the White House if he's convicted by the Senate?

Yesterday there was an election for Governor in Kentucky. The incumbent was Republican Matt Bevin. He's considered one of the most unpopular Governors in the country. That happens when you try to mess with people's health care and the teacher's union. He was opposed by current Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear. Even in a bright red state like Kentucky, this election was considered a toss-up.

The Republicans brought in their big gun. Monday night, Donald Trump held a rally and one of his themes was begging Kentucky voters to re-elect Bevin. The next day they voted him out. It was a close election. The difference was 5,330 votes. That's 0.4% of all the votes. Close doesn't count in elections. Beshear wins-Bevin loses!

On Wednesday, Matt Bevin dug in. He not only refused to concede, he said he's not leaving. Matt thinks there's been some "irregularities" in the voting process. Hmmm...they all say that when they lose, don't they...or is it only the Republicans?

"It's a close, close race. I'm not conceding by any stretch. We want the process to be followed, and there is a process." 

Hmmm...doesn't sound like he's leaving the Governor's mansion anytime soon, does it? But, what happens if this occurs on the national level?

Let's assume Donald Trump gets impeached by the House of Representatives. I know all about that assume thing, but this looks like it will happen sooner than later, right? A trial follows in the Senate. It takes sixty-seven votes to convict him and yeah, that's very unlikely, isn't it. But what happens if there's so much evidence against Don that even the most hardcore Republican Senators vote to convict? Yeah, I know that's unlikely because that would mean the Republican Senators would have to find a spine, but what if that happens? Then what?

What if Trump decides not to leave? Is there a procedure in place to get his ass out of the White House? The United States has never been down this road before so there isn't a precedent to rely upon. Do you think the new President Mike Pence (okay, I'll wait until you're done vomiting) has the balls to kick Trump out? Do you think Attorney General Bill Barr would send in authorities to kick Trump out...and if so, who are those authorities?

Can you picture Trump staying in the family quarters and refusing to leave? I can and it's scary, AF. Maybe not as scary as Trump being elected in the first place, but scary nonetheless.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm stressing over shit that is unlikely to happen, but I've been doing that since November 2016, so a little more stressing isn't going to hurt anyone. But, what happens a year from now, when Trump is defeated in the general election by whatever Democrat is nominated and he pulls the same nonsense that Matt Bevin is pulling now. Irregularities, recounts, refusal to concede, refusals to leave?! What then?

You have an entire year to stress over this. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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